16 February 2020

What's the craic?

I wrote on my blog 5 times in 2019. Five. I used to regularly write. It was my therapy and it was one of the reasons I fell in love with blogging. 2019 was a crazy, upside down sort of year. I ran away from my blog because I was so emotional I feared I wouldn't know when to stop writing. I always feel like I've written around subjects without getting too personal and I hope I continue that way. My story is all here on this blog if you are good at connecting dots.

I started blogging in the summer of 2011 awaiting a big surgery. It was something to take my mind off things during a very anxious time. It has turned into something I never imagined. Despite not writing much on here last year, I feel I truly found my voice in 2019. I hosted events, I launched a jumper and I started a podcast! I never came on and explained anything - I just did it!

I wanted to come on now and talk about all those things and some things for moving forward in 2020.

The jumpers
WOW THE JUMPERS. I had toyed with doing some Belfast Girl merchandise for a while but I knew it had to have a reason. That's why for every Belfast Girl jumper sold, £5 goes to The Homeless Period Project Belfast. I really believe that sanitary products should be available for free but especially for our most vulnerable women when resources are not plentiful. I am so thankful for 100s of you that have purchased a jumper. It has been amazing to partner with my friend Ashleigh who owns Treasure Personalised Gifts on this product because it helps to promote a great local female run business! I have also launched a new jumper with Ashleigh. The Love Will Remain jumper celebrates a love that we often don't have words for - in my case, the love of my beloved grandmother who is on a dementia journey. Due to this, £5 from each jumper goes to Dementia NI who are helping those dealing with a dementia diagnosis and their families to live life to the full. 

The podcast/mini series
I have always wanted to be a presenter and in 2019, I tool the bull by the horns and decided to create We Are All Belfast Girls. The show is essentially me sitting down with inspirational Northern Irish women and learning more about their stories! It has been amazing to delve deeper into stories of women I admire so much - from Lady Mary Peters to Rebecca McKinney. You can watch each episode on my Instagram and also listen on Apple and Spotify. 

Girls supporting girls
In 2020, I started a peer mentoring group. The group is for girls that I know in their 20s and 30s who are in different industries. The aim is to encourage and help one another during what can be a really difficult time in life as your childhood and school friends might not work in the same industry as you. We meet monthly and it's such a joy! I really encourage you all to start a peer group with people that you meet - it's so worthwhile!

I'm so excited to get back to writing and share lots of new content with you in the coming months!