18 February 2020

Miss Independent

When I was little, I grew up wanting to be independent. Being an only child, it's something that feels quite natural to me. I was used to my own company, looking up to adults and holding my own in any conversation. My mum and granny always pushed me in education knowing that if I worked hard enough, it would make me independent. They are two independent women themselves - both providing for their families on their own. Independence was my norm - I've never looked at the women in my life and watched them ask for anything. 
16 February 2020

What's the craic?

I wrote on my blog 5 times in 2019. Five. I used to regularly write. It was my therapy and it was one of the reasons I fell in love with blogging. 2019 was a crazy, upside down sort of year. I ran away from my blog because I was so emotional I feared I wouldn't know when to stop writing. I always feel like I've written around subjects without getting too personal and I hope I continue that way. My story is all here on this blog if you are good at connecting dots.