08 January 2020

Bigger, better, fresher

*this is a paid partnership with M&S 

I’ve been brought up on Marks & SpencerFrom my favourite treat, the iconic Percy Pigs to the Chicken Fajitas from the American Range that I crave on a Friday evening, M&S is a huge part of my routine of life. 

I live extremely close to M&S Abbeycentre which has recently had an upgrade to become one of only 4 stores in the UK to sport the fabulous new look. The store is now bigger, better and fresher than ever.

The store looks so amazing with a huge expansion on the fresh fruit & veg with lots of locally sourced lines (which means less travel for the food and less packaging where possible!), a massive bakery and the most FABULOUS cheese selection I’ve ever seen. Plus they even have a water refill station to encourage you to use less plastic & what about the baskets!? The cutest thing ever.  

The team from Marks and Spencer challenged me to make one of my favourite recipes using ingredients form the store. In honour of my grandmother who introduced me/got me addicted to M&S from a young age, I have made her Hearty Lentil Soup. It’s easy and tasty - exactly what is needed for January! 

Ingredients (serves 6) 
- 3 onions
- 6 carrots 
- 2 packets of lentils 
- Vegetable stock (M&S pre-made stock is my fave!) 
- Ground cinnamon
- Red Chilli (I love the M&S easy chilli - I use it in everything!) 

1. Soften onions and carrots in saucepan with your oil of choice. Ensure they are soft before proceeding to the next step. 
2. Boil a kettle of water
3. Add in lentils and vegetable stock. Allow the stock to soak into the veg and lentils to really enhance the flavours. 
4. Add in a teaspoon of cinnamon and chilli (as much or as little as you like!). Stir into veg mixture.  
5. When the veg mixture has soaked up all of the stock, top up with boiled water and leave to cook for another 20-30 minutes on a medium heat. 
7. If you like chunky soup, you can leave it as is or blend for a smooth taste. 
8. Top with M&S Crispy Bacon strips and serve with M&S Cheddar and Red Leceister Cob bread from the bakery. 

I hope you love my Nanna’s lentil soup as much as I do! 

Make sure to visit the brand new Marks and Spencer store at Abbeycentre to experience all the new features and departments.