23 September 2018

Why I've changed who I follow online

I've been reflecting a lot on social media this month & the role it has to play on your mental health. Growing up, people complained glossy magazines were contributing to eating disorders and pressurising young women to look a certain way. Now social media is 24/7 and I worry about how young people cope with the pressure for a perfect selfie. I really worry about the young girls in my life who see these images of 'perfection' and think they need to look a certain way to feel accepted.

Just like a glossy magazine, airbrushing an Instagram image is common. The idea of perfection being thrown down my 26 year old neck has certainly made me feel inferior and worried at times. I've tried to present a different sort of theme on my Instagram of me being myself without making any apologies or airbrushing away imperfections. One way I've tried to help how I feel is to follow people that resonate with me whether that be because we have the same colouring (so their outfits/makeup would look great on me too!), same shape or their message really hits home with me. I really suggest trying it out!

Here's some accounts I've started following to make me feel more at home on Instagram:

Mid-Size Collective
This account is literally everything I stand for as a blogger. Re-gramming all the best style of girls in the 'mid size' category who can feel left out of the usual Instagram narrative is a genius idea. Not only do I love all of the style options but it's great to see confident girls who are a size 14! It also gives me a great ideas of places to shop (hello Florence & Fred at Tesco - who knew!) that I would never have thought about. 

Fashion Foie Gras
This is an account I have followed for the longest time. Being a tall girl with dark hair like myself, Emily has consistently been one of my favourite people to follow. Plus she does  great mix of high end and high street brands. She also seems like a really sweet person so it makes me engage with her stories a lot more!

The 12ish
This Mega-Babe founder (the creator of products to help all sorts of issues like boob sweat and thigh chafe!) has super cool style & is actively campaigning for stores like Zara to carry bigger sizes to cater to a more diverse body shape range. Katie's New York street style vibes and cool curve fitness outfits really inspire me to be more proud of the body I've been given.

Take time out to feel inspired on Instagram. Use hashtags to find new people and explore who your favourite InstagrammerI do think it can be such an amazing space but so often we spend time following people that don't make us feel good about ourselves. Re-think your following strategy & see how it impacts you positively!