09 September 2018

My digital confidence tips

*This is sponsored content in association with the Post Office 

I recently travelled to London with the Post Office to attend one of their Digital Drop Ins in association with Google Garage. They carried out research where they found out that 20% of people in the UK don't feel digitally confident. The Digital Drop In sessions were carried out  in libraries across the UK to help people to gain more skills & one to one coaching on areas they felt they struggled with. This was aided by amazing Google experts who advised the best ways to solve their problems and up skill - 73% of those surveyed wanted to learn brand new skills!

Get password safe
Making sure you are digitally confident starts with your passwords. I learned that it is so important to have multiple passwords & not use the same password for everything. I heard of a friend who recently had her online banking hacked & as she used the same password for everything, they hacked her social media! Be clever and conscious with your passwords to allow you to feel secure and safe online that you can log in to wherever you are in the world. 

Extra storage
Backing things up was one of the biggest questions asked the the Digital Drop In I attended. People were frightened that they would loose important documents or precious pictures. I'm a big fan of Dropbox - a free online storage system. Google Drive is also fantastic for this. It means should your device ever be out of action (or you drop your phone down the toilet!) that your important things will remain in a cloud online. 

44% of people have never been taught how to use their devices. I know in my family that my mum & granny often struggle with things. I love to try to help them - the same with my colleagues in work! I am forever fixing people's phones and apps for them! In fact, 29% of people don't know how to set up their devices. I know this was very much the case when I bought my mum a new wireless printer a few months ago! There's also lots of amazing tutorials on YouTube if you want to learn how to do something. Sometimes it will take a few times to get to grips with things so keep trying! It's a bit like riding a bike - the more you do it, the better you will be! 

Get 'app-y!
21% of people don't feel comfortable using apps. Learn how to download them (aforementioned YouTube tutorials!) because they can make your life so much easier! There's so many amazing apps out there that can help you make the most of your devices. Whether it's the Genius Scan app (that scans documents to email them - amazing for application forms!) or Stocard (that keeps all of your loyalty cards in one place so you don't have to carry them!), there's an app for almost everything! 

Many thanks to the Post Office for having me to learn more about digital confidence. 

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