19 August 2018

The Skin Series: The Treatments

Out of everything in the skincare series, this has been the most requested. As I regularly post heading for treatments on my Instastories (@thatbelfastgirl if you don't follow), I thought I'd finally detail all of my favourite treatments here that I love to keep my skin in tip top condition. 

For getting into a good routine
I've been going to see Deborah Harper in Helen's Bay for years. Her Yonka treatments are glorious, relaxing and soothing. The Yonka range is an amazing routine for anyone at any age. If you've been following my skin series and want to start into a new range whether you are 17 or 70, Yonka is a great place to start. My advice is to head to see Deborah, get a facial and get a new skin care routine on the go. I find the range is super nourishing and hydrating - it makes your skin refreshed and clean! I love the Le Grande Classique facial - deep cleansing and a massage in one! I've been known to drift off to sleep during this treatment! 

For a post holiday or pre event pick up 
If my skin is feeling like it needs a refresh, I love to get microdermabrasion. It's basically a deep exfoliator that uses crystals to blast your skin. I've also found that it really helped my acne scars and bumps from my bad teenage skin years. The treatment promotes new cell and collagen production making your skin more plumped and gorgeous! I love it to make my skin feel brighter before an event like a wedding or when I come back from holidays when my skin is a little clogged from my SPF usage. I get my microdermabrasion at Beyond Skin and they often combine this with some LED therapy to help any redness in the skin. I find that I tend to veer to microdermabrasion more in the winter months when my skin definitely is not as vibrant as other times of the year. A course (3 - 6 treatments) of microdermabrasion can really transform your skin whether your concern is fine lines, pigmentation or light scarring. 

For when you need a miracle
In January this year I had just moved house and job. My skin went completely bonkers and more spotty than I'd been in probably five years. I wasn't eating well, I probably drank zero water and my stress levels were sky high. I headed to my friend Helen at Urban Skin Care where she transformed my skin over a few week using Dermalogica's Bio Surface Peels. Unlike other peels you go weekly and Helen is the queen of extractions meaning GOODBYE black heads and under the skin spots! The combination of resurfacing and extractions helped to return my skin to tip top form. I highly recommend this if your skin is having a moment or you want to get gorgeous for a big day like your wedding.

Treatments are definitely an investment but one worth saving for if you want your skin in optimal condition. Start with a treatment once a season to help with the changing weather conditions that can play havoc with your skin and work up from there.