19 August 2018

Digital Confidence

*This post is a paid for collaboration with the Post Office

Confidence... it's something I talk about a lot on my blog. But digital confidence is something that I've started to think about over the past six months. In my almost 8 years of blogging technology has advanced so much. I used to spend so much time working on my blog posts on my laptop and transferring pictures from my SD card to my computer. Now it can all be done from my iPhone!

As I get older, my safety and how much I choose to share online has become more important to me. As someone who has lots of digital knowledge I feel like I need to share more about keeping yourself safe online whether that be via the apps, safety measures or what you should or shouldn't share. 

One in five people do not feel digitally confident. If I think of that in terms of how many of you like to read my posts, it's a lot! 17% of people struggle with smart phones and 21% of people struggle with apps. And we aren't just talking about my mum who I regularly have to give tech advice to (or help her with her wireless printer!). 21% of 18-35 year olds feel uncomfortable with the pace of technology. I get it - I started my blog with this website and Twitter & that's grown to Facebook, Instagram and a million other different platforms. It's hard to keep up! 

That's why I've partnered with the Post Office & Google for their Digital Drop Ins. I'm heading to London at the end of the month to learn more about getting up to speed with digital confidence. Let me know if there's any burning questions you'd like me to ask the digital Google team by tweeting me @GemmaLEBond. 

If you live in London & would like to attend (I'll be there too!) please sign up to the free workshop on 31st August at this link