22 July 2018

The Skin Series: Toners

Toners get a bad rep. It's the bit of skincare that people tend to skip or leave out either for speed or because they don't feel the benefit of it. I too have been that person but toning is important for two reasons. It firstly helps to remove any left over grime from cleansing (which even for avid double cleansers like me, can still be present!) and it can help to treat pores by removing any oil build up (this is why you need to tone in the morning and at night!). In fact, I've been known to skip cleansing in the morning and headed straight for toner to remove any bedtime grime. I also love using toner to refresh my makeup

I use all sorts of different things for toner. If my skin is being sensitive, I head for something like my Evian spray (it's literally water!) or rosewater. Both just help you feel a little bit fresher and brighter post cleansing. The Skinician Purifying Toner is what I head for if I'm a little bit oily so around more hormonal times this is my go to. My everyday go to at the moment is Mega Mist by BYBI. The entire BYBI range is amazing - it's all vegan and cruelty free. This mist is full of Hyaluronic acid that makes my skin more hydrated and glowy. At £26, it's more of a luxury cleanser but in my experience, toners last for AGES so it's worth the extra spend for the results. 

One toner that really changed my skin was Alpha H Liquid Gold. There's so much written about this toner and acid toning online that I'll not bore you with the details. Acid toning basically is like a liquid form of exfoliation so it's toner with extra punch. For me, Liquid Gold helped to dull so many of my acne scars and improve the overall texture of my skin. Acid toners aren't for everyone but for me, Liquid Gold was a game changer that I would highly recommend. 

Don't skip on toner. Add one in to your routine - pick up a simple rosewater or mist and go from there!