10 June 2018

The Skin Series: Inside Out

It's the posts you've all been asking for... skincare! Over my past almost 8 years blogging, I've talked about skin and products endlessly. However, I'd say it has taken until the last year for me to get my skincare routine down to a tee. It's been a lot of trial and error but mostly, learning what my body responds to from the inside out.

I decided to do skincare justice that this will be a five part series, starting with understanding the key thing that has made a difference to me. Learning what causes your skin flare ups has been key to me making my skin so much better. Hopefully my advice will resonate with you. I'm not a skin expert (but I promise I'll tell you who my fab people to go to are in this series!) but I feel like I've learned so much that I wanted to share it with you all. My posts are hopefully designed to make you think and devise your own skin solutions. 

Let's start with things that can make your skin go up the left... 

It's a pretty obvious one. Always get a bit spotty around your time of the month? It's a very obvious warning sign of your impending monthly visitor. Hormones can also play havoc with your skin in pregnancy and menopause with lots of people reporting excess oil or extreme dryness. For me, I always get one 'period spot' on my chin ahead of my time of the month and tend to be a little bit oiler - the oil will account of the spot. Using products tailored to helping excess oil in your period week can really help get this under control. 

This is the BIGGEST skin disruptor for me. For years I couldn't work out why my skin was playing up but taking time to asses it, stress can make my skin go haywire. In fact, this year when I was moving jobs and moving into my house, my skin completely exploded. I wasn't taking time to look after my skin, remove my makeup properly and I wasn't eating well. All of these stress factors contributed to my skin looking dull and spotty. Self-care is key to this one - take time for your skin even when life gets really busy. 

The warm and cold can cause skin to have a little freak out. Particularly if you are going from one extreme to another, your skin may get really tight with dryness. This is a great reason to go for a seasonal facial to address any skin concerns you may have and to update your products from season to season. 

Along with stress, water is the other big factor for me. Ideally, my skin likes 3 litres of water a day. This seems like a lot but the more I drink, the clearer and more plump my skin will be. It means I pee 20 times a day, but it's worth it for good skin!

A controversial one but I've been taking some supplements that I have felt have really helped with my skin texture and overall glow. Firstly, the Clear Marine Krill Oil is a great supplement for helping those hormonal breakouts. I also found it really helped with my PMS symptoms. I have recently started trying out Nature's Bounty chewy multivitamin gummies (available at Medicare) - both the collagen and biotin versions. I've noticed hair growth already with the biotin ones and find they are a really easy way to get in some good skin boosting ingredients such as Vitamin C to help with brightness. 

Stay tuned for post 2 all about cleansers...