21 June 2018

The Skin Series: Cleansers

My favourite part of the day: taking off my making and cleansing my face. Let me make it clear that taking your makeup off is very different to cleansing.

I liken it to doing your floors at home. You brush off any dirt - i.e. take the rough off like taking off your makeup. Going in with a makeup remover or micellar water is perfect for this. I always do this bit with cotton pads as it helps you to see how much you've got off! 2 - 3 cotton pads later, I go in with cleanser. This is like mopping your floors! If you continue just to brush and not mop, you're going to have some deep dirt in there!

Cleansing is so important, particularly if you wear a heavy foundation. Stockpile on face cloths - they are so cheap so make sure to use a fresh one every day for the ultimate cleansing experience. 

A few of my favourite cleansers are:

An amazing product for the price. It easily melts makeup away on both your face and eyes (I love anything you can out on your eyes too!). I love to double cleanse with this if I have a heavy makeup day. A great cleanser for all skin types. 

This is my 'oh my skin feels a bit dirty' cleanser. Maybe you're having a busy week and your skin hasn't been your priority. This is a foam cleanser (which I have to admit that I usually don't like!) but as the name suggests, this cleanser gives a lovely deep clean resulting in a post cleanse glow! I recommend this for dull skin and particularly like to use it in the winter months. 

This is a recent addition for me. Full of 'good' ingredients, this gel cleanser leaves your skin squeaky clean. This is my go to on days I haven't been wearing much makeup or for a second cleanse. Good for normal & oily skin types ... and great for men and women (and any teenager you might have in the house!). An all rounder! 

One of my original favourite cleansers. My preference is always for a milk or an oil because I feel they are nourishing and gentle on my skin. The Yon-Ka cleanser is again great for all skin types and leaves your skin soft. I've been using this cleanser for over 5 years and continue to repurchase it! Plus a bottle seems to last for ages!

In summary - find a cleanser that works for you! I've tried hundreds over the years but you know your skin best. Make sure your cleanser makes your skin feel clean but not tight. If you notice makeup on your pillow cases, a double cleanse might be required for you. Cleansing is the most important step in achieving your skincare goals - start as you mean to go on!