02 June 2018

The Injectable Debate

Injectables.... botox, fillers... are HUGE business right now. It's something I've watched a meteoric growth of in the past five years where now, going to get your botox is as normal as a teeth cleaning at the dentist. 

The growth of injectables has made me really assess if it's an option I need to explore. I know many of you have come to this post probably hoping for me to confess what I've had done but short of the odd heavy duty skin peel, I've never done anything invasive like injectables. There's an abundance of people offering injectables at the moment which scares me a little. It's quite like the dodgy hair extensions epidemic of a few years ago. It isn't a tightly regulated business and people doing injectables seem to be popping up everywhere. The cost can vary from £50 to £500 and you can go everywhere from your dentist to your local hairdressers down the street. 

The rise of injectables has given me reason to look at my own face and think about what I would improve. Do I need bigger lips? Do I need my brows lifted a little bit? Do I want Khloe Kardashian style jaw fillers? I have never really felt insecure about my face. In fact my face & my legs are the only two things that I feel I wouldn't want to change. But, when something becomes so popular, regardless of what your own thoughts are, you start to indulge in 'Should I join the crowds' mindset. It's a fear of missing out - despite the obvious cost and pain involved!

I'm not running down injectables because they certainly have their place & have given lots of women and men the confidence they really desired. If you choose to do it, go to someone who is professional and you've seen lots of their work that has come out beautifully. 

Part of my confusion around injectables has some from so many companies approaching me to offer me free injectables to promote their business. I found it was a strange pitch because my ultimate reaction was 'Well they must think I need something done if they are offering these to me'. But I suppose that's the point - I feel like I need something so I go to that business and give them publicity. But that scares me too - what if I hated it? What if I sent you all somewhere and you had a bad experience? This isn't just a manicure that you can take off with remover, you're actually messing with your face. I've made the decision that if I ever want to get something, that I'll do it on my terms paying for everything with someone I trust. 

I've had the injectable chat with a few practitioners - two of which told me I had a lovely face and they wouldn't change a thing. I found this really decent because the easiest thing would be to take my money. Ethical practitioners are a gem to find - seek them out. So, if you are in the same mindset as met  give yourself a break. If you really want something done, go for a few consultations an weigh up your options. Although injectables aren't a life long commitment, I do feel that they start an addiction once you've seen the results.

Be wise and be kind with yourself - do you really need injectables or are you following the crowd? I'm 26 and I don't have any wrinkles or creases yet. Perhaps when that day comes, I will feel differently. So whether that day is five or fifteen years down the road, I will still apply my own rules of going for a few consultations. 

Do you research, ask all the questions and ensure you are 100% comfortable before you embark on anything.