22 February 2018

New home, new vibes

*sponsored by TK Maxx

The start of this year has been an absolute whirlwind. Not only did I move to a new job but I moved into my first home! I've been saving for and working towards my own house for quite some time so I was delighted that I finally was able to make my dream come true! 

It's super hard saving for a deposit and also gathering up stuff for a house but I regularly frequented TK Maxx to stock up on essentials for my house - from my pineapple doormat to pots & pans! I feel like it's been such an amazing place to find both great value and one off gems that you know that no-one else will have. My local TK Maxx in Newtownabbey has a HUGE furniture section with lots of homeware goodness. As I've mentioned before, I do travel for a good TK Maxx find - a wee day trip to TK Maxx in Ards or Lisburn has also landed me some amazing finds! A little pro tip is to go in the morning, especially mid-week if possible! They seem to get great deliveries then!

Here's my top three picks that you need to look out for on your next TK Maxx adventure – and if you are anything like me you’ll find it hard to simply stick to these three things!

The best lamps EVER
Buying lamps was something I didn't realise was such a substantial task because you need SO MANY OF THEM! You become obsessed with finding really unique lamps and also feel super triumphant when you score an amazing pair of matching lamps for your bedside tables! I picked up the amazing gold & marble lamp in my local TK Maxx and it perfectly complements my jewel toned living room. Also I've picked up lots of really great lampshades for affordable prices - another thing that you don't realise you need lots of! Make sure to take a look in the homeware clearance aisle – there’s always some amazing lamps and lampshades there!

Soy candles GALORE
So fun fact about me: I'm really weird about candle ingredients. I'm a huge fan of soy candles both for their ingredients and their longer lasting burning time. Typically soy candles can be much more expensive but I always pick up amazing ones in TK Maxx which are great value. I've got everything from fresh cotton scents to gin & tonic! Warning: your friends will love them so much that you will end up buying loads to give out as gifts! My grandmother is now hooked after giving her some for her birthday & Christmas! I’ve picked up some of my favourite designer candles here over the years too so be sure to look out for some big names amongst the shelves!

Print perfect
My biggest spend since moving into my house has been on prints & photos to dress my house. I love black & white portraits, especially of old Hollywood icons! There's always an amazing selection and I have managed to buy one for almost every room of my house at this rate. The best bit is that you get the print/photo plus the frame. Most of my choices have been around the £30 - £50 mark, making them super affordable. I also have picked up some beautiful framed quotes for just £10 - a great way to dress an empty corner or bathroom.

Let me know what your favourite TK Maxx finds are - I always love to discover new things.