04 February 2018

All shapes and sizes

Hotel Chocolat kindly sent me some of their Valentine's Day range to try out (all delicious - I haven't met a thing I didn't like!) and it got me thinking about what Valentine's Day means to me. I typically find Valentine's Day hard. As an eternally single person, the concept of not being part of a pair to celebrate a holiday that is marketed to the high heavens makes me feel a little at a loss. It's a narrative I'm not part of. Valentine's Day can seem really twee and sickening but deep down, I find it sweet. 

I've really spent a lot of time over the past number of years thinking about love and what it means to me. A lot of this time has really helped to build out what my expectations of my 'perfect match' are - and maybe why he's so hard to find! I've learned so much about love from the relationships I see around me - the 30+ year marriages of my friends parents, the love my best friend has for her son and the love I have experienced in my daily friendships.

It is with that spirit of friendship that I celebrate Valentine's Day this year - and remember that love should be celebrated every day of life. I have been incredibly blessed with outstanding friendships that have taught me so much about sharing, caring, sacrifice and patience. All of these qualities I hope will build me into  a great partner when that person comes along. I really do think that every good relationship - romantic or otherwise, starts in the basis of good friendship. Friendships come in so many shapes in sizes unlike people who often have a romantic ''type' (mine is usually tall, dark and handsome!) - another stark reminder that if we only looked for friendship in one place that you'd never find what you are looking for. 

I remind my friends that I love them when I can - whether that's when I'm leaving their house or over long winded WhatsApp conversations. It is the love of my friends that keeps me going & motivates me to be a better person.

Remind your friends you love them Valentine's Day & as often as you can. Write them a card. Send them a text. Bring them a bunch of flowers - spread the love. It's only when someone isn't here that you realise you wish you would have said it more so say it now. 

Wishing you all love this Valentine's Day & every day