26 December 2017

The Products That Rocked My 2017

2017 was the year I explored more brands than EVER! I loved trying out lots of new things & I feel I've found so many amazing HERO products that I will purchase for years to come. This is my 2017 list of products  - I hope you try them & love them as much as I do! Everything is linked if you want to click through to buy - happy shopping!

Glamglow is the only brand to have two products on the list. The brand overall really impressed me this year. I've always been a fan of their original mask but their range has expanded hugely and will continue to do so in 2018. 

I've used Glowstarter & Glowsetter every single day since I received them.  Glowstarter is a rich, glowy moisturiser that acts beautifully both on its own & as a makeup primer. A little goes a long way - I've even been known to put a bit on my legs for a night out! If you like Strobe Cream by MAC or Wonderglow by Charlotte Tilbury, you will love this. It comes in three different shades - I wear Nude Glow. The scent is also DELICIOUS! 

To accompany this, their Glowsetter makeup setting spray is divine. I've tried lots of makeup setting sprays over the years to varied success but this is truly the first spray I've tried that I feel shows a dramatic difference after spraying - it's literally like an Instagram filter spray! 

If you regularly watch my bathroom live streams, you will have seen me use this more than once. I absolutely love how fine this scrub is and the vitamin C gives you a much needed glow boost. It has definitely helped reduce my acne scars over the years with twice weekly use. I'd say I'm into double figures of how many times I've repurchased this and I don't see myself stopping now!

If you'd told me that I'd regularly be buying £64 serum, I would have laughed in your face. Beyond Skin, where I go for my skin treatments and laser hair removal, is a stockist of Dermaquest and always use their products when I get a treatment. I bought their B5 serum - a serum to hydrate and nourish last winter. I'm on my 4th bottle. My skin hates being without it and it truly helps to plump and perfect my skin. I cannot imagine not using this. I once told myself I didn't need it because of the price tag. 2 weeks later my skin was broken out and dull - off I ran back to Beyond Skin

Put simply, this is the only hair oil I need in my life. It's light, it smooths and no matter how much of it I put in my hair, it never makes it heavy or greasy. I use it before I dry my hair, on second day hair to smooth down any fly aways and to sleek down my bun or ponytail on third day hair! 

I tried lots of hair products in 2017 & this was a huge stand out for me. As someone with really thick hair, I hate when hairspray leaves my hair sticky or weighed down. This Aveda hairspray smells incredible, doesn't contain any nasty ingredients for your hair and holds your hair in a way nothing else does. I've noticed my mum stealing this a few times too! 

If I was sent 1 tan in 2017, I was sent 20 (not even joking.... tan coming out my EARS!). However, locally made tan He-Shi has come out trumps. The colour is fantastic, the wear off is SO natural and it applies like a dream. It's a real no fuss product that does what it claims. 

Apart from drying out a few new foundations, I kept returning back to Urban Decay All Nigher Foundation. It's medium to full coverage but it doesn't feel heavy like other foundations in this category. The texture is great & wear time is fab. If I wear it to work, it looks great even when I'm leaving to come home. Plus, if you are a normal to oily skin girl, the foundation is fab for you. You can read my full review of All Nighter Foundation here

This was a late comer to the party this year but after so much hype, I was delighted to try some of the IT Cosmetics range. There's lots of amazing products in the range but this was a huge stand out for me. It takes a lot for me to spend more than £10 on a mascara as I am SO devoted to my L'Oreal Telescopic so take this as a HIGH recommendation for Super Hero Mascara. The formula is SO black and makes your lashes so curly & gorgeous!