01 November 2017

3 beauty hacks that have changed my life

There's a few beauty treatments that I've fallen in love with in 2017. In fact, they are things I wish I had been doing for the last decade as they are so life changing! I highly recommend these time saving beauty hacks that have made my beauty routine a little bit easier!

1. Olaplex is life
I used to be an avid fan of keratin blowdries that would last 8 - 12 weeks. That was until I met Olaplex. The treatment can be added to your colour or as a bolt on to your blow dry. It helps to heal broken bonds making your hair smoother and softer. I find that getting an Olaplex blow-dry once a month keeps my hair in great condition. It makes my hair more manageable and easier to dry at home. I've had my recent Olaplex blow-dry at Peter Maud on the Old Holywood Road. Ask for Tyler - he's a hoot! 

2. Laser hair removal
I've talked at length about my laser hair removal with Beyond Skin here. I wish I would have done it years ago. I started getting my bikini done and now have moved on to under arm. Although bikini has been amazing (especially for going on holiday!), under arm has been a game changer. Not having to think about it if you are wearing a sleeveless top has been incredible! Plus, no little bumps or lumps from shaving! 

3. Double exfoliation
By double exfoliation I mean both exfoliating with two products but also doing this 2-3 times a week. I've always exfoliated my skin but usually only once a week. After a chat with a skincare expert, I realised I could get better results by using the products more. Not all products are suitable for using a few times a week but my much loved The Body Shop Vitamin C microdermabrasion is perfect for this. I also like to acid tone with Alpha H Liquid Gold. I've tried others but always come back to my beloved Alpha H! It is the only thing that helps me to get rid of spots and reduce scars. 

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