Photo by Brendan Gallagher. Makeup by Jack Thompson. 

I don't know where the past year has gone to. As I write this post, I'm almost at my 26th birthday. I love my birthday - it's the one chance I get to have everyone I love around me and I totally milk it. I'll forever be a 4 day birthday sort of person!

I always love to reflect on the last year before I move into a new one. I don't measure my life in calendar years but rather the years of my life. Every year on  my birthday I make a new album on Facebook with whatever I got up to. So as I close the book on 25, I wanted to think about some big life lessons I've learned this year.

Start saving earlier
I just purchased my first house. Admittedly, at 25 it's still young but I know in my heart I could have been a home owner sooner if I stopped lunchtime trips to Zara! Saving is a hard concept to get round to especially if you work really hard to make your money - you feel entitled to treats. However, get into the habit of doing it when you start working. It pays off to see the 'SOLD' sign go up on your first home!

Don't give up
I feel like 25 was a challenging year in a different way. My relationships have certainly changed with people around me. I think in our society we often place emphasis on the fact we as 'young independent women' are able to walk away from things and not have to put up with bad behaviour. However, sometimes you know in your heart in someone or something is worth fighting for. I have a new appreciation and admiration of my own patience after this year. 

Laugher heals everything
Any picture that I like of myself from this year is of me laughing - double chin and all! I look my best I feel when I am laughing and learned this year, that though very sad times, there's very little that laughing can't fix. Laugh loud and laugh often.

I am so excited to be 26 and on the wrong side of my 20s. Your 20s are hard - it's all about navigating your life and making big decisions that will impact those around you as much as yourself. Who knows what I will be writing this time next year.