26 September 2017

My beauty philosophy

Photo by Emer Davidson 

2017 is the year I've really learned to like myself. It's probably the most time I've spent on my own as an adult, trying to figure out what makes me happy and what I appreciate in myself. My blog focuses a lot on products you put on your face but also the beauty inside you. I've written my new beauty philosophy rules below. I hope these will be things I remember as I grow older (and hopefully wiser!).

1. Skincare is key
I will sound like a broken record but skin care is everything. If you are a fan of my live streams, you'll know I invest a lot of time in my skincare routine - from cleansers to masques, I love everything skin! I find my skin has started to improve the more I look after it - especially when I take my fish oil tablets every day (they make a huge difference - such a good investment!). I am also a fan of regular treatments - whether that be a facial or a peel. Take care of your skin - you only get one face!

2. Water baby
Like skincare, this is the oldest trick in the book. I find it takes 2-3 litres of water a day to keep my skin looking its best. Water combined with skin is my best combo to have me feeling my prettiest. 

3. Less is more but more is fun too
As I've grown up, I find myself wearing less makeup. At the weekend I love a bare face with loads of moisturiser. I have even been known to turn up to work minus my face after a facial or a peel. I think as I've learned to accept myself, I don't want to hide my face away behind very heavy makeup. That said, I do now really appreciate doing my makeup for a night out. I love a glitter eye and over-lined lip but to me, this makeup is fun & a bit theatrical. If I wore it everyday, I don't think I'd enjoy doing it so much. 

4. Your heart is your beauty
As a teenager, I was so insecure and thought I wasn't pretty. I was bullied in school and defined my worth off what I was physically judged on. I have realised my worth is actually my goodness and my patience - not my face or my makeup style. This has been the thing that has changed my beauty philosophy forever - if you can appreciate that your beauty comes from within, you're already a little bit winning at life.

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