31 August 2017

Get Off My Back

Bag - House of Fraser | Jumper - H&M 

Photos by Emer Davidson 

The past few weeks have been unique. It was a weird morning to wake up and see my face, or rather my body, all over the internet. I never thought a picture of me in a swimsuit would cause such a stir online. My blog followers were such a confidence boost and it was such a pleasure to know I'd helped people in their own confidence journey. Being in other publications, despite not giving them permission to use my images or my words, was not such a delight. It was utterly bizarre to see people comment on my height, weight and looks. Often the mean comments would come from people around my mother's age - that shocked me the most. I can't imagine how someone who might have a daughter or niece my age would take the time to fat shame someone on the internet. I have to admit I did shed a few tears over the bad comments and it was at that point I decided not to read anymore of them and turn off my phone. I am forever grateful for the lovely comments and have turned my back to negative comments. The experience has toughed me up and humbled me. 

My new 'Get Off My Back' attitude meant this jumper from H&M was perfect! I had to pick it up when I saw it. It's very tongue in cheek which is my humour. My Friday Forever clutch from House of Fraser is also a new favourite - reminding me why 6pm on a Friday is forever a glorious feeling!

I can't believe it's September & sweater season again - bring it on! I love autumn!