04 July 2017

The battle of the House of Fraser Facials

House of Fraser Belfast has really upped its beauty game in the past year. With more hot brands on the floor than ever, the department store now rivals a lot of the big players across the water. One of the best parts of the revamp has been the introduction of new beauty rooms - 2 are home to Clarins and 1 is home to Estee Lauder.  They are located at the back of the store beside Nails Inc meaning the rooms are very peaceful! I have been spoiled and was able to try out a facial from both brands - which one came out on top?

Estee Lauder
I've really grown up with Estee Lauder as my mother is a huge fan. The House of Fraser team are absolutely lovely & 2 of the staff are now trained in the Re-Nutriv facial. 

The Re-Nutriv Estee Lauder room is only the third in the UK & Ireland (the other two are in Harrods & Brown Thomas!). This exclusive experience is an utterly luxurious way to immerse yourself in the Re-Nutriv range. The room is super sleek & glamorous, just like the skincare range. This range is designed to target ageing and the products are some of the most active on the market. Containing ingredients ranging from Black Diamond Truffle to 24K Gold, it's easy to see why this service is only available in the best of the best stores. The facial lasts just over an hour and is one of the most rich experiences I've ever had. The products are all magnificent & this is truly the best way to showcase them (I've been testing out the Eye Creme since the facial & I'm obsessed). The facial involves a unique technique that re-models the face using lymphatic pressure massage to remove any puffiness. My Re-Nutriv experience was fantastic & I felt like I learned so much about the brand. Overall, I would suggest this experience for those aged 35 + as the products are super rich and targeted towards those who are worried about the ageing process. My mum has just turned 50 and I definitely want to book her in as a treat. 

Cost: £50 booking fee which is redeemable off any product in the Re-Nutriv range (making it essentially free!)
Best for: First signs of ageing, exploring a new product range, Estee Lauder addicts, a post holiday treat 

Clarins is a brand that I've grown to love over the past few years. The room is different to the Estee Lauder one - it's a bit more comfy & homely. The facial started with me getting under a heated duvet. As someone who is the coldest person on earth, I was in heaven. I had a facial that would help with my breakouts and dehydration. Their facials are customised using their Boosters that are added to products to target specific problems. During the facial I also had a neck, shoulders and arm massage which was divine. This can be added to your facial taking your treatment time from 1 hr 25 mins to 1 hour 45 minutes!  I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about the Clarins experience as it's a little more expensive than Estee Lauder but it is far better than many facials I've had in actual spas. I booked mine for a Saturday morning, came in my sweat pants & actually fell asleep during my facial! Overall, a fantastic experience for any age!

Cost: Facials start at £70 and increase to £85 if you add a 20 minute massage
Best for: Targeting skin issues, existing Clarins fans, a mini spa experience in the city

The winner.....
It's hard to weigh the two facials up as they are very different brands and experiences. I definitely will return to Clarins again but whilst I'm there I'll send mum to Estee Lauder! I like to get regular facials so I think Clarins caters better to this as Estee Lauder is definitely much more of a 'treat' experience, especially as you get £50 off a Re-Nutriv product of your choice. Both are utterly fabulous with talented staff - take your pick based on your age, skin needs and product loves!

Visit both counters to book your appointments - tell them I sent you! 

*I was kindly gifted with an appointment for both facials. All opinions are my own.