Simple is good

Photography by Kellie Scott. To book her & see more of her work, please visit:

So new year, new blog layout! I wasn't really feeling my last one. I was definitely trying to be something I wasn't - too trendy and imagery focused. I am no photographer ( I leave that to my lovely photographer Kellie!) - I feel I'm better with words!

This is the first time I've been excited for a new year I think EVER! I notoriously hate new year but 2016 was so random. I felt a little bit all over the place and I became really weighed down by this notion of having somewhere I needed to be. I spent a large amount of the year worrying about trying to save for a mortgage and all that brought with it. I have this new feeling of wanting to be free & happy. My focus is no longer on the plan or the destination but on the journey. I've seen so many people get sick and be taken unfairly before they had time to enjoy their life. I refuse to be one of them. 

For once and all, I am dealing with my stresses before they deal with me. In fact, it is that crippling stress that then for me turns into unmanageable anxiety that stops me in my tracks - even from posting on this very blog. In essence, stress makes you sick. So I'm dealing with that. I'm reading more, I'm writing more and I'm taking more time just to simple things - a coffee with a friend, a walk on the beach or having a much needed lie in!

In my 25 earthly years, I've always been told how hard I am on myself. It's only now that I realise how true that is. I've always been scared of doing the wrong thing - I think it comes from a fear of getting a bad grade in an exam!

This year I'm travelling & enjoying life - where that will take me I don't know and that's the exciting part. 

I'm so thrilled to have lots of great new content to bring you - in my own unique style through my chatty posts, Live Streams and social media.

Here's to a magical 2017!