26 January 2017

5 things I learned from the Charlotte Tilbury Masterclass

I have made no secret of my love for Charlotte Tilbury. That love has heightened even more now we have our own counter in House of Fraser in Victoria Square. 

I was delighted to attend their first masterclass at the House of Fraser counter with lead artist Adrianna who came up from Dublin for this special event. I felt I already knew lots about the brand but I learned a few tips & tricks I thought I would share with you. 

1. Products work better together
I am a huge fan of the amazing primer/illuminator Wonder Glow and also love the Magic Foundation. However I chop & change with things and don't always use them together. Charlotte designed all her products to work together and sends all her celeb clients her skin prep to make sure their skin is red carpet ready. I got up this morning and did what she does for the A Listers: Magic Cream, followed by Wonder Glow followed by a light layer of Magic Foundation. My foundation has lasted all day & definitely looks a lot better than usual!

2. Natural brows are life
Team Tilbury love a natural brow and their Brow Lift pencil comes with an angled brow wax plus a highlighter powder hidden inside in order to give your eyes a wider look. I LOVE natural brows and I am so glad to see a beauty brand embrace this creating products that enhance natural brows. There is also a new brow gel called Legendary Brows which I can't wait to try when it launches on counters soon!

3. Pillowtalk is the greatest lip-liner of all time
Ok so I did actually discover this at Christmas when Santa brought me Pillowtalk liner but the masterclass confirmed this for me. I think it looks good on EVERYONE! It's a fabulous colour, texture and generally it goes with every lipstick imaginable. (P.S. Pillowtalk now comes in a lipstick too. Note to self - must order). 

4. The Dolce Vita look is all you ever need
If you are familiar with Charlotte Tilbury you will know that her makeup is divided up into looks. My favourite of these is the Dolce Vita look (inspired by Sophia Loren) which Adrianna demonstrated. A bit like Pillowtalk liner, it's a great option for everyone. A smoky eye that can be built upon with a pop of glitter for night and a nude lip - what more could a girl need? 

5. Less is more 
I really loved that the masterclass didn't encourage really heavy makeup but rather building up makeup to enhance your natural looks. It really emphasised to me how much I love the ethos of this brand.

Many thanks to Team Tilbury Belfast for the invite. More masterclasses are coming in February so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!