25 before 25

I turn 25 in 10 days. A quarter of a century old. I don't know why but it feels like a very significant age. Somedays I feel like a wee chick and somedays I feel like I've been on this earth for much longer.

I decided to share with you 25 things I've learned in my almost 25 years on this earth. I hope some of my advice is helpful!

  1. My hair will always be the greatest bane of my life (Just look at it in that picture). When you've gone 90% grey by the time you're 24, your hairdresser will become your best friend
  2. Life goes on. Not always the way you want it to, but life goes on. You will be disappointed and you will cry but pick yourself up and keep going
  3. Be brave. Take chances. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life is too short to be unhappy. 
  4. There's not a strapless bra in this world that's comfortable
  5. It's ok to carry a £700 bag and be wearing a £10 dress from Primark
  6. Kanye is right - one good girl is truly worth a thousand bitches. Find your best girl and hold on to her
  7. Not everyone can be happy for you but be happy for them - it will annoy them more
  8. Everyday is a school day with new things to learn
  9. Learn to make at least 5 different meals well and you'll never starve
  10. If it won't matter in 5 years, don't worry about it for more than 5 minutes. Stress makes you sick so don't let it take over
  11. The second bottle of wine is never a good idea
  12. Friends are the family you choose for yourself. Friendship is a choice, blood and DNA aren't.
  13. Find a pair of heels that make you feel sexy but you can also walk in
  14. Most music written before the year I was born is innately better than anything written after 
  15. It's ok to want to stay in your PJs, eating ice-cream and watching Beaches when you have your period. Hell, do anything you want when you've your period. It's grim. 
  16. Only wear cotton knickers
  17. Leopards never change their spots but you can change your attitude to them
  18. You don't need 500 friends - rather a small group of friends who love you rather than a big group who talk behind your back
  19. Your stronger than you think 
  20. Grace is everything. Be gracious in defeat. Be gracious when you want to be bad tempered. 
  21. Equality is the greatest show of love someone can have for you. If someone always is consistent, shows up, says what they are going to do but most importantly, meets you halfway, it makes your life so much easier. 
  22. Trust is hard to find and when it's gone it never comes back no matter how hard you try. 
  23. If you think they are lying, they probably are. Gut instinct counts for a lot. 
  24. Laughter is the best medicine a person can have. 
  25. Life is short. In my 24 years I've witnessed people loose so much and waste so much time worrying. Live life and love life. (If unsure, revert back to point 3.) 

My Skincare Journey with Beyond Skin Part 1

My skincare plan

After my first pumpkin peel

After my LED facial

Products I'm currently loving 

When my favourite skincare clinic closed in House of Fraser to make space for the £5 million revamp, I was devastated. However, Jennie & Gillian of said clinic decided to take matters into their own hands and open their own business, Beyond Skin. Located on College Street (out of the back of Boots!), the clinic is easy to find, spacious and clinical. They offer everything from Botox to laser hair removal but my joy are the skin treatments they offer - peels, microdermabrasion and LED facials.

My skin can be very dry in areas and I'm prone to breakouts but my biggest concern is the scars I have been left with from cystic spots over the years. 

Beyond Skin kindly asked me to visit the clinic and experience it for myself. I want to highlight at this point that skincare is definitely a journey - Gillian recommends a minimum of three treatments to see an optimum difference. I'm a month into my journey and two treatments down. I started off with a pumpkin peel. People seem to have such a bad name about peels (I blame Sex and the City) but I assure you that they are totally safe & not painful. Pumpkin peels aim to improve the overall texture of your skin. When I first visited the clinic I had quite a few bumps on my forehead, some breakouts and as mentioned, my scarring. The peel was hot on the skin but nothing too unbearable. I was quite red afterwards (as pictured!) but this soon calmed down. I had some peeling afterwards, particularly in areas that were very dry but this is normal. 2 weeks after this I visited the clinic again for an LED facial. I had never experienced light therapy before. This aims to calm any redness in the skin. I found that a week after this treatment my skin looked fantastic and it has continued to improve since (pictured).  

For skincare I have been using an array of cleansers. My favourite at the moment is the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm (largely for speed!). I also use Alpha H Liquid Gold twice a week as a chemical exfoliant to help with my scarring and I've been loving the Skinician Pro Radiance Enzyme Peel as a weekly treat - it really seems to boost the clarity of my skin. For serum for both day and night, I purchased the Dermaquest Vitamin B5 serum from Beyond Skin, At £61 it is not a cheap product but very much worth the investment. My dry patches have completely disappeared and my skin is definitely looking more plump. For moisturiser, I've been loving the Nip & Fab No Needle Fix. I find the especially great for morning time as makeup seems to apply beautifully on top of it. 

I'm due to go back to Beyond Skin this weekend for my 3rd treatment - the one which Gillian said I will see a huge difference with. I can't wait for the results! Stay tuned for more!

*Treatments were gifted to me by Beyond Skin. All opinions are my own. 

Shake your pom poms

Photography by Kellie Scott. To book her & see more of her work, please visit: 

The minute I saw these shoes on DV8's website, I was in love. Blush nude with pom poms in my favourite heel style - a classic court shoe. These are a great neutral shade and still classy but the pom poms add a little kick of fun! They are perfect for the Christmas party season and I can't wait to wear them more.

I teamed my DV8 pom pom heels with a blush jumper from Primark and my (also very fun) trousers from Zara. When I was in Milan in September I spotted these on a lady and fell in love. She teamed them with black courts & a white shirt - she was the MOST chic lady I think I've ever seen! So I knew I had to find them - and lo and below, Zara in Belfast had the answer to my Milanese prayers! I love them so much I fear I may have to buy a second pair!