The game changing porridge topping you NEED to make

I love porridge. I was raised on it - my granny wouldn't let me leave the house for primary school until I had it in my belly. Although I frequently lamented porridge as a child, I now find it to be a very comforting food. It's the perfect pre-work breakfast to fill up your belly. 

I was delighted to recently attend the 175th Birthday of White's Oats. I had no idea that it is made right here in Northern Ireland. Based in Armagh, the mill produces the highest quality of oats which are also exported to China, the USA, the Middle East and many European markets. I love their Speedicook oats - 1 cup of oats plus 2 1/2 cups of milk.. microwave for 2 minutes and I'm set for the day! At the White's Birthday celebrations, we tasted lots of delicious delights made by the much loved Jenny Bristow. However, I was extremely taken with a banana & pecan topping that I topped my porridge with. So much so, I asked White's Oats for the recipe! 

I recreated it at home & encourage you to make it too. If you love banoffee pie, this will be your dream come true. It's sweet, has a good bite to it and just brightens up your White's Oats in an instant. I made two batches, both which when cooled I stored in the fridge. I would recommend using it within a few days of making it (but don't worry... I've a funny feeling you'll be eating it from the fridge with a spoon!). It would also make an outstanding ice-cream or apple pie accompaniment. 

Serves 4
2 bananas- sliced 
100g pecans
White sugar


1. In a oven 160C, roast pecans with a touch of salt and sugar for approximately 5 minutes. Once roasted, chop roughly and set to the side. 

2. In a small pot make a light caramel with sugar and water. Once a tan shade, remove from heat, fold the banana through the caramel. Add the pecans. The heat of the caramel will cook the banana out leaving a small bite.

3. Serve! 

It's such a simple recipe that I know I'm going to be creating for years to come! You could also add some cinnamon for a little festive twist.

Happy Birthday White's Oats - thanks for the fab recipe!