New kicks & a new chapter

Photography by Kellie Scott. To book her & see more of her work, please visit: 

Hair by Anne at Peter Mark Arthur Street. 

I never thought I'd be a trainers girl. But alas, over the past couple of years my opinion has greatly changed. I'm tall girl and I've realised after spending many years in heels that I'm far more comfortable (and regal!) in flats.

I adore the new Puma campaign featuring Kylie Jenner so when Life Style Sports offered me a pair of the new Puma trainers, I jumped at the chance. I picked the gorgeous Puma Core Creepers, £75. These look more like shoes as they made from a suede. I've been wearing them constantly - the sole of them also provides a little lift and I think this definitely contributes towards the comfort factor. I teamed my new Puma trainers with old M&S jeans (you can get very similar in River Island here), an M&S polo neck and my classic & well loved Jaeger coat

I really love these pictures - Kellie is honestly one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I think she really captured my mindset at the moment in them. 

I've been really reflective this month as I turn 25 next month. 2016 has been a roll coaster year for me - I stopped doing things that made me unhappy and often it's hard to give up bad habits. I'm so excited for November, turning 25 and a new happy chapter in my life.