30 October 2016

A mini break to Milan

I love a mini-break. Give me 4 or 5 days in a city over 2 weeks on a beach any day. I love exploring and there's no better way than to do this than with your friends. Mini breaks are the perfect bonding opportunity so when the flights from Belfast to Beragamo opened with with Ryanair, I booked straight away. The flights were super cheap - I think it was little over £100 or the two of us. Admittedly, we did not book cases (an over sight on the shopping front) but we managed just fine with hand luggage.

I was a little concerned about flying to Beragamo as I knew this was a) not in Milan and b) we had to travel to the city centre & we speak no Italian. However, there are plenty of buses outside that take you to Milan's Central Train Station for around €5 single.

We stayed in The Square Hotel as this was located about  5 minute walk away from the Duomo. If you are like me and are fussy about hotels, you will find that Milan is expensive. However, if you are used to going to Dublin & staying in 4/5 star hotels, the price is proper comparable. Our room was huge - a bit like a New York loft and the breakfast included was fantastic. The hotel also had a huge rooftop restaurant & bar which was such a joy to just chill at. 

If you are thinking about going to Milan you need to be shopper. There's everything from the coolest Zara I've ever been in to Gucci that has a coffee shop attached - of course we had to stop and have a snack for Instagram purposes alone! We visited la Rinascente - the most amazing department store I've ever been in. It is super high end but not pretentious. We spent about 4 hours just wandering around! The department store also has a lovely restaurant that over looks the Duomo. The Duomo (Milan Cathedral) is also worth a visit. I found it very moving - it was so grand but so silent. We also did the ascent to the top of the Cathedral where you literally stand on the roof - trainers or flat shoes recommended as the stairs are very steep!

We actually visited Milan during Fashion Week and expected it to be crazy but it is a surprisingly chilled out city. It's really easy to just walk around & wander and find little gems.

Admittedly, the food we had was a little lack lustre - but let's be honest, you go to Milan for the shopping, not the food. 

Would I go back to Milan? Yes I would. There's a lots of galleries & museums we didn't get a chance to visit and it was our first visit (plus hardly anyone I knew had ever visited!), it would be great to go back to explore a little more!