30 September 2016

Why cake dates should be your new Friday night

Friendships really change when you get into your 20s. Everyone has started to couple off, weddings, babies and stressful jobs mean that you probably see your bestie less frequently that you would like. I find that I know have one big night out a month on a Saturday night whether that be to a birthday party or into town for a bit of a pub crawl. It's nothing to do with money but everything to do with being busy.

However, I have got really into Friday night cake dates. Cake dates are fantastic for a few reasons. Firstly, you can go for a few hours e.g. 8pm-12am and be home for a good nights sleep. Secondly, you don't wake up with a banging hangover and lastly, it actually gives you a chance to chat! There's nothing worse than trying to have a life chat with your friends over the banging tunes of a nightclub!

My friends and I really favour two place - both located on the Lisburn Road. The Lisburn Road is actually a good meeting place - it's central to the motorway and easy to scoot up from town. We love Miel et Moi which is located on the upper Lisburn Road, next door to the The Albany. Famed for their delicious cakes, the setting is super cute and if it's a good night, you are able to sit outside. They are also licensed meaning if you fancy a glass of wine (or 3) with your cake, you are able to do that. We also recently tried out the new French Village on the lower Lisburn Road. Unlike the French Village of delicious salads and frys that you know of you student days, this is the grown up version that is part Patisserie and part Brasserie. Again, they are licensed if you fancy a drink with your cake. Their cakes are really outstanding - I don't think I've met one that I don't like!

If you are in the need for some friend time, schedule a cake date. They'll cheer you up and really inject some quality time into your relationship.