Spring Sunday

I love making the most of my Sunday off. I usually tend to do something with my mum as it's really the only day I get a chance to see her as we are like ships in the night that pass each other during the working week!

I headed into the city centre and it was a beautiful day... actually almost a little too warm! I was pleased to see the Spring Continental Market market was at City Hall for the Bank Holiday Weekend. The flower stand with the wooden windmills from Holland was my favourite - it really reminded me of my trip with KLM to Amsterdam! There were lots of sweet treats - I picked up Nutella stuffed Italian cannoli. Amazing!

I hope whatever you got up to this Sunday, you had a great day!

Let me make bad decisions

I have tried to hit the cancel button on this blog more than 10 times.

And I just can't do it. I last posted on this blog six months ago. I started another blog but it just wasn't the same. My heart was always a little bit here. I didn't feel inspired and found myself making lists of posts I would write on this blog. It didn't happen overnight. It took probably about four months for me to feel like I had made a very bad decision.

The thinking behind my decision is long winded and tough. I'd say for the last three months of 2015, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was running away from other people as much as I was running away from this blog. And I don't know why that seemed like a good decision? I'll never know. When I started to think about bringing this blog back, it was met with such lovely feedback from people who said they also missed the blog and my posts about all sorts of things. I put a lot of my heart into this blog and to delete it would be like erasing so many memories - some lovely and some very hard ones. I think I needed six months away to remember who I was and do some growing up. Being 24 has been an interesting one. I've lost so many good friendships and I've really had to think about my life and what I want. I look around me and people are getting married & pregnant, friends are moving away to work, people are going round the world on their travels. And I'm still here but at my core, happy with that.

Belfast is my home and my heart. I'll always be proud to be from Northern Ireland.

The divorce is called off and I'm back for good.

Let's see where this goes.

That Belfast Girl 2.0 is here.

Gemma-Louise x