Christmas Catch Up Season

Belfast Woodfired Pizza

View from Ivory Champagne Bar

Bullitt Hotel
Camile Thai, Lisburn Road
Christmas is definitely a time to catch up and enjoy time with friends. I'm so excited to see my chums who have moved away this year but are returning for the holidays. I've listed a lot of my old favourites to visit this holiday season, added in some new places and have some wish list eateries that I want to head to. 

I love a casual post work drink and The National never fails to disappoint me. I particularly love it on a Friday night - there's always a great atmosphere. I've also recently been calling into the new Bullitt Hotel for drinks (& the best hot chocolate ever!) - it's super cool and wouldn't look out of place on any London corner. For my birthday this year,  my friends and I headed to The Apartment largely for its handiness to the Christmas markets at City Hall! However, we were so presently surprised. It's had a very trendy makeover and the staff were so lovely. We sat and watched the world go by at the window with bottles of prosecco and sharing plates. A genuinely lovely experience! If you work up a thirst from lots of shopping, the new Ivory Champagne bar in House of Fraser is one to visit. With stunning views of the iconic Victoria Square festive decorations, there is no better way to catch up than over a glass of champagne & some macarons. (Also, I think everything is priced so well at The Ivory making it really accessible). 

Of course, the Christmas Market is one to visit for the atmosphere alone (and my friend tells me the Greek Gyros is the thing you MUST try this year!) but I also loved visiting the brand new River House Yard. Located on Skipper Street between The National and The Spaniard, the mini market is full of fabulous local food retailers housed inside shipping containers. My must try from River House Yard is Belfast Woodfired Pizza. I recently visited their sit down restaurant on the Lisburn Road (beside The Albany) and it was incredible. Gourmet style pizza with surprising toppings - utterly divine. If something quick but ultra tasty is what you are after, try Camile Thai on the Lisburn Road. They do mostly takeout but have a few seats to sit in if you are lucky enough to catch one. I cannot describe how fresh this food is. You'll never want to eat normal takeaway Chinese again! A great option for a girly catchy up - especially as you can eat it in the comfort of your own home!

Again, if you are out shopping and want some sustenance, the newly opened Zizzi italian in Victoria Square is a great option. I've been twice over the past few weeks and I think it's tasty (fabulous salads!) and great value for money. 

If you want more traditional fayre, my go tos are always Home and Deane's (let's be honest, you get a good feed is any of Michael's restaurants but I have a particular fondness for the Ulster Hall and Lisburn Road variations). Plus make sure to check out my recent review of the Bull & Ram in Ballynahinch- well worth the journey. 

On my 'to try' list over Christmas are two new places - Noble in Holywood (all locally sourced tasty dishes) and Yugo, a new contemporary Asian restaurant located close to City Hall.

P.S. if you are looking for more things to do over the Christmas period in Belfast, I worked on this article with Go Euro. Go have a little nosey at it!

25 before 25

I turn 25 in 10 days. A quarter of a century old. I don't know why but it feels like a very significant age. Somedays I feel like a wee chick and somedays I feel like I've been on this earth for much longer.

I decided to share with you 25 things I've learned in my almost 25 years on this earth. I hope some of my advice is helpful!

  1. My hair will always be the greatest bane of my life (Just look at it in that picture). When you've gone 90% grey by the time you're 24, your hairdresser will become your best friend
  2. Life goes on. Not always the way you want it to, but life goes on. You will be disappointed and you will cry but pick yourself up and keep going
  3. Be brave. Take chances. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life is too short to be unhappy. 
  4. There's not a strapless bra in this world that's comfortable
  5. It's ok to carry a £700 bag and be wearing a £10 dress from Primark
  6. Kanye is right - one good girl is truly worth a thousand bitches. Find your best girl and hold on to her
  7. Not everyone can be happy for you but be happy for them - it will annoy them more
  8. Everyday is a school day with new things to learn
  9. Learn to make at least 5 different meals well and you'll never starve
  10. If it won't matter in 5 years, don't worry about it for more than 5 minutes. Stress makes you sick so don't let it take over
  11. The second bottle of wine is never a good idea
  12. Friends are the family you choose for yourself. Friendship is a choice, blood and DNA aren't.
  13. Find a pair of heels that make you feel sexy but you can also walk in
  14. Most music written before the year I was born is innately better than anything written after 
  15. It's ok to want to stay in your PJs, eating ice-cream and watching Beaches when you have your period. Hell, do anything you want when you've your period. It's grim. 
  16. Only wear cotton knickers
  17. Leopards never change their spots but you can change your attitude to them
  18. You don't need 500 friends - rather a small group of friends who love you rather than a big group who talk behind your back
  19. Your stronger than you think 
  20. Grace is everything. Be gracious in defeat. Be gracious when you want to be bad tempered. 
  21. Equality is the greatest show of love someone can have for you. If someone always is consistent, shows up, says what they are going to do but most importantly, meets you halfway, it makes your life so much easier. 
  22. Trust is hard to find and when it's gone it never comes back no matter how hard you try. 
  23. If you think they are lying, they probably are. Gut instinct counts for a lot. 
  24. Laughter is the best medicine a person can have. 
  25. Life is short. In my 24 years I've witnessed people loose so much and waste so much time worrying. Live life and love life. (If unsure, revert back to point 3.) 

My Skincare Journey with Beyond Skin Part 1

My skincare plan

After my first pumpkin peel

After my LED facial

Products I'm currently loving 

When my favourite skincare clinic closed in House of Fraser to make space for the £5 million revamp, I was devastated. However, Jennie & Gillian of said clinic decided to take matters into their own hands and open their own business, Beyond Skin. Located on College Street (out of the back of Boots!), the clinic is easy to find, spacious and clinical. They offer everything from Botox to laser hair removal but my joy are the skin treatments they offer - peels, microdermabrasion and LED facials.

My skin can be very dry in areas and I'm prone to breakouts but my biggest concern is the scars I have been left with from cystic spots over the years. 

Beyond Skin kindly asked me to visit the clinic and experience it for myself. I want to highlight at this point that skincare is definitely a journey - Gillian recommends a minimum of three treatments to see an optimum difference. I'm a month into my journey and two treatments down. I started off with a pumpkin peel. People seem to have such a bad name about peels (I blame Sex and the City) but I assure you that they are totally safe & not painful. Pumpkin peels aim to improve the overall texture of your skin. When I first visited the clinic I had quite a few bumps on my forehead, some breakouts and as mentioned, my scarring. The peel was hot on the skin but nothing too unbearable. I was quite red afterwards (as pictured!) but this soon calmed down. I had some peeling afterwards, particularly in areas that were very dry but this is normal. 2 weeks after this I visited the clinic again for an LED facial. I had never experienced light therapy before. This aims to calm any redness in the skin. I found that a week after this treatment my skin looked fantastic and it has continued to improve since (pictured).  

For skincare I have been using an array of cleansers. My favourite at the moment is the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm (largely for speed!). I also use Alpha H Liquid Gold twice a week as a chemical exfoliant to help with my scarring and I've been loving the Skinician Pro Radiance Enzyme Peel as a weekly treat - it really seems to boost the clarity of my skin. For serum for both day and night, I purchased the Dermaquest Vitamin B5 serum from Beyond Skin, At £61 it is not a cheap product but very much worth the investment. My dry patches have completely disappeared and my skin is definitely looking more plump. For moisturiser, I've been loving the Nip & Fab No Needle Fix. I find the especially great for morning time as makeup seems to apply beautifully on top of it. 

I'm due to go back to Beyond Skin this weekend for my 3rd treatment - the one which Gillian said I will see a huge difference with. I can't wait for the results! Stay tuned for more!

*Treatments were gifted to me by Beyond Skin. All opinions are my own. 

Shake your pom poms

Photography by Kellie Scott. To book her & see more of her work, please visit: 

The minute I saw these shoes on DV8's website, I was in love. Blush nude with pom poms in my favourite heel style - a classic court shoe. These are a great neutral shade and still classy but the pom poms add a little kick of fun! They are perfect for the Christmas party season and I can't wait to wear them more.

I teamed my DV8 pom pom heels with a blush jumper from Primark and my (also very fun) trousers from Zara. When I was in Milan in September I spotted these on a lady and fell in love. She teamed them with black courts & a white shirt - she was the MOST chic lady I think I've ever seen! So I knew I had to find them - and lo and below, Zara in Belfast had the answer to my Milanese prayers! I love them so much I fear I may have to buy a second pair!

New kicks & a new chapter

Photography by Kellie Scott. To book her & see more of her work, please visit: 

Hair by Anne at Peter Mark Arthur Street. 

I never thought I'd be a trainers girl. But alas, over the past couple of years my opinion has greatly changed. I'm tall girl and I've realised after spending many years in heels that I'm far more comfortable (and regal!) in flats.

I adore the new Puma campaign featuring Kylie Jenner so when Life Style Sports offered me a pair of the new Puma trainers, I jumped at the chance. I picked the gorgeous Puma Core Creepers, £75. These look more like shoes as they made from a suede. I've been wearing them constantly - the sole of them also provides a little lift and I think this definitely contributes towards the comfort factor. I teamed my new Puma trainers with old M&S jeans (you can get very similar in River Island here), an M&S polo neck and my classic & well loved Jaeger coat

I really love these pictures - Kellie is honestly one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I think she really captured my mindset at the moment in them. 

I've been really reflective this month as I turn 25 next month. 2016 has been a roll coaster year for me - I stopped doing things that made me unhappy and often it's hard to give up bad habits. I'm so excited for November, turning 25 and a new happy chapter in my life. 

A mini break to Milan

I love a mini-break. Give me 4 or 5 days in a city over 2 weeks on a beach any day. I love exploring and there's no better way than to do this than with your friends. Mini breaks are the perfect bonding opportunity so when the flights from Belfast to Beragamo opened with with Ryanair, I booked straight away. The flights were super cheap - I think it was little over £100 or the two of us. Admittedly, we did not book cases (an over sight on the shopping front) but we managed just fine with hand luggage.

I was a little concerned about flying to Beragamo as I knew this was a) not in Milan and b) we had to travel to the city centre & we speak no Italian. However, there are plenty of buses outside that take you to Milan's Central Train Station for around €5 single.

We stayed in The Square Hotel as this was located about  5 minute walk away from the Duomo. If you are like me and are fussy about hotels, you will find that Milan is expensive. However, if you are used to going to Dublin & staying in 4/5 star hotels, the price is proper comparable. Our room was huge - a bit like a New York loft and the breakfast included was fantastic. The hotel also had a huge rooftop restaurant & bar which was such a joy to just chill at. 

If you are thinking about going to Milan you need to be shopper. There's everything from the coolest Zara I've ever been in to Gucci that has a coffee shop attached - of course we had to stop and have a snack for Instagram purposes alone! We visited la Rinascente - the most amazing department store I've ever been in. It is super high end but not pretentious. We spent about 4 hours just wandering around! The department store also has a lovely restaurant that over looks the Duomo. The Duomo (Milan Cathedral) is also worth a visit. I found it very moving - it was so grand but so silent. We also did the ascent to the top of the Cathedral where you literally stand on the roof - trainers or flat shoes recommended as the stairs are very steep!

We actually visited Milan during Fashion Week and expected it to be crazy but it is a surprisingly chilled out city. It's really easy to just walk around & wander and find little gems.

Admittedly, the food we had was a little lack lustre - but let's be honest, you go to Milan for the shopping, not the food. 

Would I go back to Milan? Yes I would. There's a lots of galleries & museums we didn't get a chance to visit and it was our first visit (plus hardly anyone I knew had ever visited!), it would be great to go back to explore a little more!

New season scents

Autumn/Winter scents are always a huge part of the seasonal beauty routine. Along with swapping bright coral lipsticks for purple & red tones, I always welcome changing from sweet summer scents to the musky & deep florals for winter. Aramis recently sent me some of their new collection - definitely something here for everyone but I had one clear winner!

This scent really takes me back to when I was younger. Tommy Girl was the first fragrance I bought. I picked it up in an airport on the way home from a family holiday. I think I was about 8 at the time. The Girl is fronted by new Hilfiger designer Gigi Hadid who is taking the world by storm. The scent is a new take on Tommy Girl for a new generation - it's clean, fresh and inoffensive. It's perfect for pre-teens and teens alike and at £34 for 100ml, it won't break the bank. 

I am a lifelong fan of Michael Kors scents. In fact, my favourite scent of all time was Michael Kors Very Hollywood. This has been discontinued so I continue to wear the original Michael Kors as a substitute. Wonderlust is the new beautifully packed offering from the MK family. Containing bergamot and almond milk, this sweet scent one for ladies who love long summer holidays and many a cocktail. I like Wonderlust but loved the previous new release Michael Kors Coral much more - just personal preference. I think this would be a great scent for younger girls to get them into Michael Kors as things such as the original scent as much more grown up and musky in comparison. 

This out of the three is the stand out for me. I tried this scent after coming home from Italy where I had a fabulous experience trying out the new Louis Vuitton scents (if you are really into scents, I highly recommend going to try them out if you are close to a Louis Vuitton store). The DKNY Be Tempted scent smells so similar to the Mille Feux Louis Vuitton scent and it's about a quarter of the price! I love this so much that I've worn it everyday for the past month and so many people have remarked on it. It's one of those scents that you love but couldn't put your finger on what the notes in it are. To me, it just smells like joy & sparkles. However, the literature tells me it has notes of black currant bud, liquorice, patchouli and violet. I'm so in love with this scent that I feel I might have to stock up as with many of the DKNY fragrances, they tend to be limited edition so grab it whilst you can! 

*PR Sample. All opinions my own. 

Bull & Ram

t's been a long time since I went to a new restaurant where I had a good feed. It's a very Northern Irish thing to want to go somewhere and leave stuffed but it is our way. I was recently asked to come and review the Bull & Ram in Ballynahinch. I live about 45 minutes away so despite the jaunt, I jumped at the chance as they had just won three YES restaurant awards plus had an outstanding review from Jay Rayner in The Guardian.

Two things sold me before I visited - the mention of the interiors and the steaks. The Bull & Ram is located in what used to be an old butchers - the tiles depict farm animals and the stunning high ceiling looks so modern (but it actually is the original ceiling that they found behind 2 false ceilings!). The restaurant has massive big shop front windows that wouldn't look out of place in any cosmopolitan city. I wanted to go to try out their steaks, sourced from Hannan's meats in Moira. In fact, most of their menu is locally sourced. I'm a huge steak fan - no matter where I go in the world I will always try a steak. I've come to the conclusion that we do have the best meat in the world in Northern Ireland - nothing on foreign soil ever tastes as good as our stunning home produce.

I visited the Bull & Ram on a busy Friday evening with my friends. The restaurant is cosy, seating just 70 covers. I would recommend booking if you fancy making the journey down like me. There were couples, groups of friends and people of every age enjoying the atmosphere. They also have an extremely extensive wine list that also includes artisan wines hand picked by their amazing team. The Bull & Ram is headed up by Kealan McMichael. He has worked extensively in kitchens across Northern Ireland including the much loved Poacher's Pocket. His choice of location & building seems to perfectly match the beautifully selected menu on offer. 

The menu is so good that I had quite a time actually picking from it! The menu isn't huge or complicated - everything just sounded so good! They also have a list of daily specials based on what is in season - duck and mushroom were the call for October. Based on another review I read, I picked the French Onion soup. I'm a bit of a French Onion soup connoisseur - it is something so simple that SO many places seem to get wrong very easily. The best soup I ever had was in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas... that was until I went to the Bull & Ram. BEST FRENCH ONION SOUP... in the world! It was so satisfying and homely. My friend had mushroom soup (which she said was lovely but had deep food regret after tasting my French Onion soup). For mains I chose a 40 day aged fillet steak. Fillet is always my cut of choice and it was delicious - truly living up to my belief that we have the best meat in the world. I tried both mash & the beef dripping chips. The chips were outstanding - I could quite probably eat those and the French Onion soup everyday for the rest of my life and die a happy woman. My friend is a huge fan of duck and picked a special they had on the menu which she really enjoyed. 

For dessert we enjoyed a range of things from ice-cream to white chocolate creme brûlée. The brûlée was incredible - it tasted like a melted milky bar without being too sweet. Another menu stand out item!

The service was fab at the Bull & Ram - a really welcoming & polite team. Overall, I had a really great experience. The Bull & Ram is everything you want a Northern Irish restaurant to be - delicious, value for money, filling and friendly.

And the ultimate conclusion - would I drive the whole way to Balynachinch to eat at the Bull & Ram again? You bet I would..... just for the French Onion soup alone! 

For more information on the Bull & Ram, please see their website: 

For reservations, please ring 028 97560908. 

Many thanks to the team for a beautiful meal & their hospitality. 

Forestside Cookery School

A cookery school in a shopping centre? On first saying this, it might sound like a crazy idea but when you factor in free parking and ease of access, it's actually a genius idea (Plus, the Dunnes Stores in Forestside is fantastic... I went and bought a few things before my class..... Oooopps!). 

Chef Stephen Jeffers is the brain child behind this fantastic new venture. Located upstairs in the shopping centre (you grab the lift beside Sainsburys), the Forestside Cookery School is a beautiful hidden gem. The fit out of the cookery school is stunning - light colours, funky prints by Rory Jeffers and Smeg appliances (I have a life long obsession with Smeg fridges!). Local supplier Musgrave MarketPlace NI is supporting Stephen in his new endeavour by providing locally sourced ingredients for many of the cookery classes. Plus, the school also has a fun Cookery Shop were you can stock up on ingredients on your way out! 

The school runs classes practically every night of the week ranging from Asian to a Sunday Roast. There are also visiting expert chefs who specialise in things such as sushi if you want to learn how to make your favourite rolls! The school also is great for private parties and work team building days. 

Stephen Jeffers himself is a powerhouse. I really took to him when I met him a few years ago when he headed up another cookery school. He's a man who has really lived life - from working in some of Belfast's best restaurants to eventually owning them. His passion for cooking comes from working in restaurants since he was 16 and now he wants to give back these skills & knowledge to a new generation of budding chefs. 

At our particular class, we made a stunning salmon dish for starter. The whiskey smoked salmon from Musgrave MarketPlace NI was absolutely incredible, as was the fillet steak used for the main course. Stephen makes you feel like the cooking is easy, especially as you are assisted by two lovely Forestside Cookery School members (who also do the washing up for you!). I felt I learned so many new skills - chief among them that you oil your steak and not the pan.... who knew? A tip for life! 

The best bit about the experience is eating the food you have created with such a sense of pride. There is a really simple & fun sitting area where you enjoy your food accompanied by some outstanding wine.

The Forestside Cookery School experience is one not to be missed - it's fun, something a little bit different and a great laugh. I highly recommend it for a birthday present or team building exercise. I know I certainly can't wait to return and learn more new skills. Stephen can also create a private class for you if there is something special you want to learn or would like a family day out to create some classic heirloom recipes! 

To book your class, visit 

Belfast, I still love you

Many thanks to Liam Scott from Scotty Photography for the photographs. Check out his work on his social channels. 

Two of my best friends moved away this year- one to the Middle East and one to Wales. These were two of my friends who formed my core friendship group - the type of friends you can phone when you get a flat tyre or crying in the middle of the night. It has been a hard adjustment realising I can't just stop at M&S, buy some buns and drive to their house. 

It seems to be a real trend this year that people are moving away, whether that's for work, love or simply because they are fed up. This feeling of being fed up with Belfast seems to be a huge wave amongst people my age. I'm 24 and I get it. You think the grass might be greener. I spent my whole university years here - all five of them; four at Queen's and my Master's year at Ulster University's Jordanstown campus which is close to my house. Moving away was never an option for me - my best friend was staying to do nursing at Queen's and I would be across the street doing Politics. We have always gone on fabulous holidays so the idea of travelling or seeing the world never really phased me - I've seen parts world with my mum & my friends.

One of my core reasons for starting this blog under this name was my love of Belfast. As a city, we have suffered. But as someone who is 24, I proud to stand here and be part of a new Belfast... a Belfast that isn't known for bullets and bombs but for the Titanic Visitor Centre and a flourishing food scene. It really upsets me that people I know complain there is constantly "nothing to do in Belfast". Usually these are the same people who go to the same nightclub every Saturday night and eat in the same restaurants, week in and week out. There's nothing wrong with that - I can too be a creature of habit. However, open your eyes to the new businesses that are out there for you to support and experience.

The job scene here is definitely improving and it is encouraging to look in the business pages of the Bel Tel and see investment from huge brands and companies. 2016 in retail alone has heralded a whole new range of products available for us as customers.

Belfast is my home and it will always have my heart. Although I know many of my friends who have left for work may eventually come home, it is hard to hear Belfast being run down by my generation. I feel we need to be positive and try something new - head to the theatre, a new restaurant or bar, drive to a different park for a walk.... there's so much to discover on your own doorstep.

Home is truly where the heart is. I challenge you to find somewhere else in the world that has the humour we do, or in fact, the fish & chips, soda bread, veda loaf and tasty treats in general that we have.

Belfast, I still love you and I always will. 

Charlotte Tilbury launches in HOF Belfast

The excitement of Charlotte Tilbury launching in Belfast was palpable for the past few months. I had mentioned it in passing in a few live streams and people could not wait for the location to be announced.

Now they are up and running in House of Fraser in Victoria Square, I thought I'd share my thoughts and best products from Charlotte Tilbury. I'm so pleased it has finally launched here - I've spent a lot of time in Dublin buying from the brand and in Selfridges in London. In fact, before she launched her brand at Selfridges, she had a special unique pop up called The House of Rock & Kohl which I visited in 2013 in London. Since then, I've been hooked.

Charlotte Tilbury herself is an iconic personality. Best friends with Kate Moss who has also been her makeup muse of many years, her legendary voice & red hair makes her stand out from other beauty brand owners with her unique look. 

I love Charlotte Tilbury for one huge reason - she makes makeup easy. All of her makeup is designed in looks meaning if you are just starting out learning how to do makeup, you can buy the whole look in a bag. Charlotte Tilbury is also big on social media - all looks have an associated YouTube video meaning it's so simple to follow along to create your dream look. Charlotte also is constantly working on bit photoshoots and campaigns with world famous actresses and models on the covers of Vogue and Vanity Fair. 

I have three top products - Bond Girl lipstick, Magic Foundation and Colour Chameleon in Golden Quartz. I love the lipstick as it's the perfect brown nude and Bond also happens to be my surname! I fell in love with the Magic Foundation last year in Dublin - it has great coverage and really doesn't move! And lastly the Colour Chameleon eyeshadow sticks appear to my inner lazy girl. I love a cream eyeshadow and sticks make it even easier - apply them on the lid and blend out with your finger or a fluffy brush and you are good to go!

The Charlotte Tilbury Christmas products are also fabulous and make the perfect stocking stuffers. Look out for the super cute Christmas Bauble with eye mins inside and the Mini Lipstick charms. So sweet and a really great introduction to the brand for those who haven't tried it out. 

Plus check out the incredible advent calendar that I am DYING over! I need it in my life.

Charlotte Tilbury is now available exclusively in Northern Ireland at House of Fraser Victoria Square. Make sure to call in and visit the team - tell them I sent you!

The game changing porridge topping you NEED to make

I love porridge. I was raised on it - my granny wouldn't let me leave the house for primary school until I had it in my belly. Although I frequently lamented porridge as a child, I now find it to be a very comforting food. It's the perfect pre-work breakfast to fill up your belly. 

I was delighted to recently attend the 175th Birthday of White's Oats. I had no idea that it is made right here in Northern Ireland. Based in Armagh, the mill produces the highest quality of oats which are also exported to China, the USA, the Middle East and many European markets. I love their Speedicook oats - 1 cup of oats plus 2 1/2 cups of milk.. microwave for 2 minutes and I'm set for the day! At the White's Birthday celebrations, we tasted lots of delicious delights made by the much loved Jenny Bristow. However, I was extremely taken with a banana & pecan topping that I topped my porridge with. So much so, I asked White's Oats for the recipe! 

I recreated it at home & encourage you to make it too. If you love banoffee pie, this will be your dream come true. It's sweet, has a good bite to it and just brightens up your White's Oats in an instant. I made two batches, both which when cooled I stored in the fridge. I would recommend using it within a few days of making it (but don't worry... I've a funny feeling you'll be eating it from the fridge with a spoon!). It would also make an outstanding ice-cream or apple pie accompaniment. 

Serves 4
2 bananas- sliced 
100g pecans
White sugar


1. In a oven 160C, roast pecans with a touch of salt and sugar for approximately 5 minutes. Once roasted, chop roughly and set to the side. 

2. In a small pot make a light caramel with sugar and water. Once a tan shade, remove from heat, fold the banana through the caramel. Add the pecans. The heat of the caramel will cook the banana out leaving a small bite.

3. Serve! 

It's such a simple recipe that I know I'm going to be creating for years to come! You could also add some cinnamon for a little festive twist.

Happy Birthday White's Oats - thanks for the fab recipe! 

Autumn Blues

Many thanks to Liam Scott from Scotty Photography for the photographs. Check out his work on his social channels. 
Youtube channel:

Autumn is well and truly here. The temperature has dropped drastically lately. I have just arrived home from holiday in Italy and I feel like I walked off the plane into the new season! I anticipated this though and picked up some autumn and winter pieces when I was on my travels.

My new coat which I keep describing as 'blue denim' is from one of my favourite stores, &Other Stories. This is the Patchwork Wrap Coat - it is oversized with three quarter length sleeves. It's really unlike any other coat I own. It's a lovely soft colour whereas I tend to usually go for really dark coats. I thought this would compliment the large amounts of navy I wear in the winter months! Although the coat is blue, it still goes really well with black. I'm so excited as &Other Stories are opening a branch in Dublin soon on Grafton Street - I can't wait to make a journey down!

I teamed it here with black All Saints leggings, my favourite Adidas Superstar trainers and a COS top. COS is another brand I love - their clothes are so flattering and priced so well for the quality. I'm also wearing my favourite bracelet from Native Gem at Six for Gold Boutique. I don't wear much jewellery but this is my everyday piece and I always get so many comments on it - it's really unique and catches the light so well. 

Let me know what you think of my new autumn coat - impractical or chic?