Speedy strobing

Everyone seems to be highlighter crazy at the moment. Strobing is the new contouring and people want that J-Lo/Kardashian highlight ASAP. I've tried lots of highlighters over the past number of months. Some are too glittery and make my face look like a disco ball and some are good but extremely over priced for something that is just a makeup add on. I would always encourage my readers to fork out big money for skincare and foundation as those are the two things that can really make a difference. I adore a dupe product and Boots & Superdrug can keep me amused for hours.

I've found the best highlighter combo for that on fleek glow that won't cost you a fortune. Both products are from Collection which is not to be frowned at - their concealers and mascaras are also great. On their own, the products are nice but together they create that WOW glow that we all want. Once you have done your base makeup, take the Collection Speedy Highlighter Stick, £3.99 across the tops of your cheeks. I literally use this as a giant crayon and draw a line. I then pat this in with my ring finger to take away the harshness of the line. Then using a small brush (I like the Real Techniques Countouring Brush from the Core Collection), I sweep the Collection Gorgeous Glow Bronzing Block, £4.19 (very similar to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks) on top of the Speedy Highlighter. Not only does this create a juicy highlight, it doesn't fade due to the mix of cream and powder products used.

Definitely a combo to try if you love your highlighter- and even better than it doesn't break the bank!