31 October 2015

My Great Lengths Hair Extensions Experience

I am known for being very impatient with my hair. I'm lucky that I have really great, healthy hair but I get bored so incredibly easily. I grow it, I cut it.... but my goal and dream has always been to have really long locks. I had extensions earlier this year and although I loved them, the method of micro-loops wasn't the best for my hair type. When I was contacted by world renowned and celebrity favourite Great Lengths, I jumped at the chance to have keratin bonded extensions. I've had my extensions for just over two weeks now and although I'm still getting used to them, I thought I would share my initial experience with you all.

I had my extensions applied at Partners Paul Meekin in East Belfast. The award winning salon is well known for its amazing cut and colours. Kerry-Ann (pictured with me) does their extension work and has been applying Great Lengths for over 8 years. I felt very safe in her capable and knowledagble hands. My whole hair was coloured black to match colour 1 which is the deepest black the Great Lengths range do. My hair was at that awkward shoulder length after growing out my bob so Kerry-Ann opted to apply 40cm extensions to my hair that could be texturised and cut into in order to blend my own hair in. Application was easy as the extensions come pre-bonded allowing Kerry-Ann to simply lightly heat the bond and roll this into my own hair. I have 125 bonds in my hair which I am told is quite a lot but this is due to my own hair being so thick. I also have some extra bonds at the salon which I might get put in if I want it even thicker. On average, most people usually get between 75-100 bonds. My hair took just over 2 hours to apply which was very fast. Kerry-Ann then cut it. Many people are good at applying extensions but not many are great at cutting them! The cutting really made them blend into my hair and feel like my own hair. I was so impressed with the service at Partners and would highly recommend the salon- every one was very welcoming and friendly. The salon is really fun and easy going plus they have the coolest hair washing station ever. I suggest you go for a blow-dry just to experience it! Kerry-Ann curled my hair with GHDs and this stayed in for a few days. The joy of extensions is the hold- they really require much less maintenance than real hair! The hair is a stunning quality and easy to brush. I was kindly gifted the Great Lengths gift pack by the salon- they gave me the Great Lengths Daily Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner, Anti-Tap, leave in conditioner and brush. The brush is really outstanding- you can brush from root to tip like normal hair. 

A few days after having my extensions I travelled to America. I knew this would be the test of working with them away from my straighteners and blow-dryer! I tended to half dry them with the hairdryer then leave them to air dry. The fab thing about Great Lengths is that they adapt to your own hair type. As my hair is naturally curly, they move with that. In the very America picture above, they had been left to air dry and I loved the effect. It was really natural and I felt like a mermaid. I also absolutely adore them up- you cannot see the bonds at all due to Kerry-Ann's expert application. She leaves enough of your own hair out of bonds in order to be able to put it up in a sleek bun or ponytail.

I know this is only the start of my Great Lengths journey- I'm so excited to play with them over the next few months and I'm so excited for my hair to grow underneath! I've got them at a perfect time as I have my birthday and graduation coming up- princess hair at the ready.

Many thanks to Great Lengths and all at Partners for my amazing new locks. 

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*Although Great Lengths paid for my extensions, all opinions are my own