New essentials

I've been taking things easy lately after a jam packed year- a new job, finishing university and whole host of other things have happened in 2015. I can't believe we are in September! I thought I'd share some things with you that I've been using on a daily basis since I got them. 

I posted about this recently on my Instagram and the reaction was amazing. This new launch foundation is unlike anything else I've ever tried- it's light-weight with medium to buildable coverage. The lack of SPF makes it the PERFECT night out foundation. I found it wears really well, photographs beautifully and makes your skin look dewy! I powder my T-Zone a little bit with this foundation and would recommend that for any of my more oily girls. The foundation is affordable, £16.50 and is available in a whole host of colours. The colour match service at No7 is great- I really did think it was a gimmick but it works really well and also allows you to see what lipstick and blushers are perfect for your skin-tone too. I am slowly falling in love with No7- something I never thought I'd do because their target demographic always seemed to be a bit more 'mum' centric but their new products are timeless. 

I go to Jason Shankey Lisburn Road to get my hair done with the beautiful Caroline. They are a Joico salon and I love their products. My hair is currently growing out really well and I've been trying to have more messy and relaxed hair. I love volume in my hair so I usually wash & blow-dry it about twice a week and then just 'fluff' it up in between. I was recently sent the Joico Hair Shake- it is a spray that turns to powder when you spray into your hair. I love using it in my roots to give a bit of volume and texture on 2nd and 3rd day hair. I love it as it doesn't leave hair with residue or feeling sticky- great for girls who like to hold in their blow-dry like me. 

Michael Kors new gold collection of scents offers three versions- White Luminous Gold (a deep, sexy scent), 24K Brilliant Gold (fresh and clean) and my personal favourite Rose Radiant Gold. The bottles is stunning and I've had so many compliments when I wear it- the scent is perfect for this time of year. It's a real mix between the other two scents- a little bit of spice and a little bit fresh. The floral and musk tones help the fragrance to be long lasting- it's one of the type of scents that gets nicer as the day goes on. 

I hope you are all well- September is flying in!

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