The face oil/serum debate

There are millions of serums and oils on the market, most of them with big claims- firming, line reducing, skin evening.... but do they live up to what they say? In 2015 I've really seen my skin change from using serums. I used to be all about moisturiser but I now seem more likely to skip moisturiser and head straight for an oil or serum. I know this can seem scary (especially if you have combo or oily skin) but serums have made a huge different to my skin's overall appearance. Below I have detailed some of my favourite serums and oils that you might like to try too. 

Jurlique Daily Moisture Balancing Serum | Best for: oily skin, morning use, under makeup
Jurlique is a Austrailian brand and their products are all great for sensitive skin. This serum is lovely for day or night and leaves skin soft and nourished. It's nothing fancy with big claims but it's a great starter serum if you are just getting into the habit of using serums and oils. I'd suggest this for teenagers and those in their early 20s with problem skin. It is really mild and soothing on any active breakouts. 

Clarins Double Serum | Best for: fine lines, wrinkles, big pores, under makeup
This is one of the most pricey of the bunch. At £69 for 50ml, the bottle dispenses equal amounts of the 2 phase serum in every pump. Made up of lots of plant extracts, the serum is nourishing and I saw results from the first use. It definitely increases the glow in your skin but best of all, I felt it made an amazing under makeup product. At 23, I can't comment on the anti-ageing properties but the pore minimising claims rang true. Don't be scared off this one if you are in your 20s. Definitely one to try if you love a flawless, hydrated base under your makeup that will help give you that healthy, dewy glow. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil | Best for: tired skin, dehydrated skin, night time use
One of the most popular bed time oils on the market, Kiehl's Midnight Recovery is powerful and still represents good value for money (£36 for 30ml). I've had this bottle for over a year and it's still going strong. A little goes a long way and the mix of fatty acids and oils plumps the skin to make it look like you've had a fabulous nights sleep (even if you haven't!). This is a great starter oil if you want to up your routine and give your skin a much needed moisture boost. 

Oskia Resortation Oil | Best for: dehydrated skin, dry skin, unbalanced skin, night time use
This oil firstly smells amazing and the texture is much thicker than others on this list. At £60 for 30mls, this product is definitely luxury but worth if you suffer with an uneven skin tone. I have found this fantastic to use at night, helping my skin to look fresh, glowing and more even in the morning. After a bout a week of use I felt it made a dramatic difference. Like the Kiehl's, a little goes a long way and a bottle would probably last 6 months with daily use making the £60 price tag seem much more affordable. 

Image Skincare Vital C SerumBest for: acne prone skin, scarring, night time use
Scarring loves vitamin C. I first tried this serum when I started to work on my acne scars on my cheeks. This serum is light in texture and smells like freshly squeezed oranges. I feel this serum helped to slowly fade and lighten the scars on my face and leave me with glowing skin. Unlike the others on this list, this oil felt great followed by a moisturiser as the serum itself is very light. 

In essence- invest in an oil or serum to give your skin more glow, more hydration and a better overall skin. Let me know some of your favourite oils by commenting below or tweeting me @GemmaLEBond.