My Week #3: Tracking, Rapping, Blending and Eating

It's been a quiet week... between the July holidays, a 2 day week at work and frantically trying to write my dissertation for university, I'm still highly unsure of what day it is. However, I still have some little weekly loves to share with you all.

I had a facial on Friday in town (more on this soon!) and on my way back, I may have just accidentally ended up in Space NK. Oooops. I've tried so many makeup tools but never managed to buy a Beauty Blender. They cost £20 so I think the thought of spending that on a sponge constantly put me off. All of the big American beauty YouTubers swear by them to get flawless Kim K foundation. I have to say I'm so impressed by it- it's the weirdest texture. It's firm and the product applies perfectly to the face- I think this is the start of a long Beauty Blender obsession! 

I love me some Slim's when I feel like I want to eat out but not go too crazy. The Express store in Victoria Square has become a lunchtime favourite at work. I love the Mexican bagel - it's so filling and tasty! Their shakes and juices are also great if you are in the mood for something sweet but want to stay clear of the chocolate. 

I have weird music taste. I really love classical music but I also love lots of hip hop and rap. I've been listening to Meek Mill's new album lots and love All Eyes On You ft Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. It's such a chill song with such a catchy hook. If you like Drake or Rick Ross, you'll love Meek Mill.

I was a bit scared to share this one but it's something I believe so much in that I feel like I should. I've been obsessed with the app Clue all year. It's essentially a period tracking app that's so easy to use but I've also found it really educational. I've spent this year coming off the pill (no I'm not trying for a baby) and the Clue app has helped me keep a track of all the changes that have been happening. I would suggest this for anyone 16 and over to help educate them about fertility and tracking things such as PMS. I have all of my friends of multiple ages using it and they love it too. 

That's all for this Sunday- I hope you've had a great weekend!