My first experience of a medical facial at Array Aesthetics

If you are a ling time reader of my blog, you will know I'm obsessed with skincare. For many years I've had regular facials. These facials are largely a spa type facial- they are relaxing and usually leave my skin with a nice glow for a few days. I enjoy facials because of the calming element so when I was invited to Array Aesthetics for a medical facial, I knew I was in for a different experience!

Array Aesthetics is a new clinic in Belfast City Centre. Located in a private building, the clinic is friendly and warm whilst still being secluded. The clinic is run by trained doctors and highly qualified and experienced skin experts. Array Aesthetics offers a wide array of treatments- from dermal fillers to Botox to advanced skincare. The clinic does have a medical feel but it's not intimdating. Instead it made me feel calm that I was in professional hands. 

Eithne looked after me for my Oxygen Facial. She is a lovely girl who put me at complete ease. With many years experience working in Australia in cosmetic doctors offices, she has a wealth of experience in advanced skincare. We had such a good chat about skincare and things that had or hadn't worked for me in the past. After filling out all of the relevant paperwork, I popped up on to the chair for my treatment. 

The Oxygen Facial is a Cosmedix treatment. The American brand is emerging in the UK with Array Aesthetics being the only clinic in Northern Ireland using it. All the products contain good acids to help the skin to look and feel its best. My skin was first deep cleansed using the Lactic Acid & Peppermint cleanser. This not only smelled amazing but felt amazing. My skin was then exfoliated using a powder exfoliant made from oats. This felt like it felt my skin really clean and smooth. Following this, the oxygen treatment was applied. This went on like a face mask in two steps. I found the first step a little more stingy than the second but it was not painful. It felt more like warm heat. The ingredients work to stimulate the skin to regenerate and renew. 

Following this, serum and SPF were applied. My skin was a little bit red for about 2 hours post treatment. I found that I broke out a little bit in the following days as all of the impurities were drawn out. I found that a week after my skin looked amazing and has remained good- it looks fresher and clearer. I feel like the facial helped congestion around my skin and t zone.

The Oxygen Facial costs £70 - the price I usually pay for my more "fluffy" facials. You also receive a month supply of cleanser of your choice to take home after your treatment. I think this is great value for money. I would highly recommend visit Array Aesthetics- the professional and passionate team are definitely bring a new generation of cosmetic treatments to Belfast. 

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