My basic hair products & brushes

I have spoken about my shampoos and conditioners of choice here but today I'm talking about the post wash routine. Following washing, I put some oil in my hair. This is great to tame frizz and prime the hair for blowdrying. I've tried lots of different oils- natural, expensive and cheap but my favourite is the Schwarzkopf Essence Ultimate Diamond Colour Oil. It's nourishing, not too heavy and a real bargain product. If I am blow-drying my hair I will use different products to hold the blow-dry but this will always be used in the ends of my hair before drying and often, after blow-drying to add more shine. It's also a great product to use on 2nd/3rd day hair to add some smoothness so I don't have to add heat to my hair again. 

If I am curling or straightening my hair, I will spray on Wella Thermal Image* when my hair is dry. This is a great product to protect hair from the heat and also makes the hair so sleek. It smells like melons and is very light.  

If my hair is looking a little bit dirty or flat, I spray Co-Lab Dry Shampoo in my roots. For many years I was a Batiste girl but it left a horrible white cast on my dark hair. I love Co-Lab because it's invisible! It makes a fab styling product because of this and doesn't make the hair feel gritty. I don't love the Extreme version of Co-Lab as it feels too heavy for my hair but I love the original as it's cheap as chips and smells great. 

As for brushes, I have recently been loving the Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra* for brushing my hair when it is wet. Unlike many other detangling brushes, the handle makes it very easy to go through the hair. I have also used this to blow-dry my hair and it was great. The brush is huge so if you have long or thick hair, this is a must buy!

For blow-drying and adding volume, I could not recommend the GHD Size 2 Brush more. These are the most amazing brushes- they heat up so well, add volume and don't cost the earth. I was sceptical of how effective they were but they have improved my blowdrying skills and make my blow-dry much longer. 

Let me know your favourite hair products by commenting below or tweeting me @GemmaLEBond

*PR Sample