Make Up For Ever finally launches in the UK

Aqua Eyes in 7L, Aqua Matic in I-22 and ME-50 and Aqua Liner in 5

This is one launch I am hugely excited about. Make Up For Ever is a brand that I absolutely love but until now, has been hard to get in the UK. Largely sold in Sephora and a stand alone store in Dublin (behind the Westbury Hotel), the brand is finally launching in Debenhems this Tuesday (19th May).  The brand is loved by makeup industry professionals worldwide and is often compared to MAC. The first counter will be at London's Oxford Street Debenhams and will be sold online. Here's hoping that in time, it will roll out to other stores across the UK.

Make Up For Ever (or MUFE as the real #bbbloggers call it) were kind enough to send me some bits before the launch to try. I'm happy to report I loved all of the pieces from the AQUA range that they sent me- the whole range is designed to be waterproof and durable. However, it is easily removed with an oil based makeup removed (I love the Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect- cheap and does the job!). The range is very mid-priced and I feel like for the quality of product, is well worth the money. 

I do have a huge affection for eyeshadow sticks and these have now taken the top spot over my beloved By Terry Ombre Blackstar. They are so like the By Terry sticks- creamy, a huge hit of colour and they DO NOT BUDGE on the eyes! They also blend easily but you have to move quickly with them before they set. A great factor is that they retail for £16, where as the By Terry sticks are a ridiculously priced £29. I have fallen in love with the gold shade (Metallic Golden Taupe ME-50) from MUFE- it's the perfect everyday colour that just brightens up the eye. The navy (Iridescent Electric Blue I-22) shade also is stunning. Both of the swatches are one swipe of colour meaning that you will get a long time out of your product. I will definitely be investing in more of these when the range launches. 

I was sent this creamy stick liner in the shade Turquoise 7L. This is a great match for the Aqua Liner in 5. Again, this had a huge pack of colour and a stunning formula. Although this is designed as a liner, the formula is similar to the Aqua Matic eyeshadow sticks and can be easily blended. The creamy formula would allow it to be used all over the lid and blended or along the water line as a pop of colour. 

The MUFE Smoky Lash mascara is probably one of their most iconic products. The waterproof AQUA version provides all the drama of the standard smoky lash with a durable, cry proof guard. Providing volume, length and curl, the formula of this massacre is fantastic. Its extra black colour gives intensity and proves fantastic for bottom lashes. I curled my lashes and applied this mascara and loved the effect- long, voluminous lashes that are still day time appropriate. The brush of this mascara really reached the root of the lashes to ensure lashes are sky high. 

I was sent the Aqua Liner in 5 Diamond Turquoise Blue. I thought I was going to hate it but the liner brush is teeny tiny allowing for precision. The colour is absolutely beautiful along the top lash line for a light pop of colour. If you are a blue eyed girl I would recommend investing in this for the summer-it would widen and brighten your eyes so much. The formula of this is fantastic. In fact, I ran  about all day with all four swatches on my hand and this was the product that stayed most vibrant. If you are mad about liner, the classic black shade in this formula will be a must buy. The durability is unsurpassed by any other product I have tried. 

I am so pleased about MUFE launching in the UK. The AQUA range has me very impressed and I know I already love some products from their HD range that is designed to give flawless skin. 

For more information, see on Tuesday!