Bloomfield's Secret Sale: Claire's Accessories

In celebration of Bloomfield Shopping Centre's Secret Sale this Thursday (28th May), I am posting every day about a different retailer in the centre. Today is the turn of Claire's Accessories. On Thursday night they are offering 15% off all lines in store so it's a great excuse to stock up on your favourite items. 

For some reason, I think Claire's Accessories is seen as a bit juvenile but it is somewhere I would always head to for hair accessories- from basic things like kirby grips to fancy head wear for a wedding, it's an Aladdin's cave. It is obviously very appealing to younger girls as many of the ranges are targeted towards the pre-teen market but I went around the Bloomfield store and photographed some of my favourite items. I loved the little beauty blender type sponges- they were small so would be perfect for under the eye area for blending concealer. They also had a huge range of Eyelure lashes. These all retail for £5-£6 per pair so the 15% off is welcomed! I love the 116 Eyelure lashes and have worn them for years- they give length and volume whilst still being natural. They also had some scent nail polishes that fascinated me! For many years, I wore Claire's Accessories stick on nails. They are great for a special occasion if your own nails aren't looking too great! 

As for jewellery and hair accessories, I felt there was a lot of stuff that was inspired by the upcoming festival season. Turquoise tones, big earrings and flower headbands all featured. I felt there was a lot of inspiration from Kylie Jenner who I know is really on trend with her style. 

I also noticed lots of accessories holders- these are great if you are like me and have a tangle of statement necklaces. Note to self- must invest!

All in all, Claire's Accessories is a shop not to rule out. The hidden gems are worth the visit!

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