Bloomfield's Secret Sale: 02

Bloomfield Shopping Centre's Secret Sale is tonight and 02 are offering discount on contracts, 10% off on all iPads, Tablets and Smart Watches. I love my iPad Mini as it makes my life so much easier on the go. I also own a MacBook and iPhone but for blogging on the go, watch YouTube videos on the train and reading on an aeroplane, an iPad mini is perfect. They also weight next to nothing! 

02 Bloomfield asked me to tell you my favourite apps on my iPad mini so here they are below:

I am a YouTube addict. I love watching hauls and daily vlogs- my favourites being the Saccone Joly's that I watch everyday (they have adorable children!) and my recent favourite is luxury YouTuber, Jerusha Couture. She has a handbag collection that I dream of and she goes on really cute shopping trips with her very sweet mum that she likes to vlog- she makes Australia move higher on my 'to visit' list with every view! 

A Beautiful Mess
This is one of my favourite photo editing apps. It gives collages, filters and cute doodles all in one app meaning you don't need a million different apps for doing different things. I love making my Instagram pictures look really cute but I also love making collages of my friends and I to keep for the future.

I never thought I would like reading books on a tablet but I love my iPad for reading on. It's so light and it means I don't have to get up to turn off the light at night time! It's great as you can be reading numerous books at once and don't have to carry them all around. At the minute I am reading a book called Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I highly recommend it if you want to improve your relationships- it has changed the way I view people so much. 

I didn't want to get Pinterest as I knew I would get addicted. However, all of my uni friends had it and I had to jump on the bandwagon. It's a fantastic research tool and I love pinning black and white portrait photos of celebs and old Hollywood glam makeup looks. Follow me on

Here are the full discounts available this evening from 6-9pm in Bloomfield Shopping Centre. Hope to see you there!

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