The verdict is in on the Michael Kors liquid self tanner.....

We all know and love Michael Kors for his handbags, watches, shoes and stunning clothes but did you know he also has a beauty range? I've been a champion of this range since it launched in House of Fraser Belfast last year. The stunning gold and bronze tones are perfect if like me, you love a classic beauty look. The bronzers in particular are one of my favourite things in the range.

I was intrigued by the liquid self tanner from the Michael Kors range* and when I had a search for reviews, I couldn't find much on it. It seemed to tick a lot of boxes on paper for me- amber-tinted, fast acting for a tan in under an hour and no biscuit smell but instead sandalwood and white floral tones. It all seemed a bit too good to be true so I put it to the test (and you all seemed very excited on social media about it!). 

The gold packaging looks fabulous on my dresser and for £19 you get 150ml of tan which seems great for a luxury brand (in fact, all of the Michael Kors range is very decently priced). The tan is a liquid formula and a little seems to go a long way. It almost turns into a gel formula when it's on the skin. I applied it using my hands with no mitt for this reason and washed my hands quickly afterwards. The smell of the tan is lovely and it applies a subtle hint of colour. It dries very quickly and the colour contiuned to develop. And the best bit? Yes it did actually change colour in an hour! It left my skin probably about 2/3 shades up from my natural colour making me look like I had a few days in the sun rather than glued to my laptop doing essays. This isn't a tan for someone who likes to be Kardashian dark but rather for girls on the go, pale skinned girls and those who just love a 'glow'.

I think this tan is perfect for anyone who really hates self tanning but loves a bit of colour as it's so easy to apply, has no tanning smell and develops beautifully. If you are like me and are a light to medium skin tone, this would be great for last minute parties (it looks FANTASTIC on legs and takes away the pastiness!) and made me feel just that little bit more put together.

Overall, a fantastic product that you should definitely try out. If you like Sun Shimmer but hate how matte it is, Clarins tan or Xen tan, this one is for you. 

Michael Kors Liquid Self Tanner costs £19 and is available in store at House of Fraser Belfast or online here

*PR Sample