The hybrid makeup prep and boosters

The heat seems to be coming back our way. For women, I think there are two categories of us: women who run to the sun and women who have an utter fear as the heat makes the makeup slide off their face. 

I've tried lots of the prep products on the market and I've found the best four. I do LOVE primer but I feel that primer is great for pores/skin texture rather than keeping makeup on your face. The four products I have selected extend your makeup life or can refresh a tired face after a long day. All of the products are hybrid and serve multiple purposes- from a base to a moisturiser, a primer to a toner- all give you great value for money and you'll want to use them all year long, not just when the sun is shining! 

Pictured is a mini version that I picked up in the States that managed to last me for over six months. I have loved Strobe Cream for years. Somewhat like a dewy moisturiser, the hybrid product combines the best of makeup and skincare into one. The sheen is enough on its own on sun kissed skin or its great underneath an existing foundation as a primer for an all round glow. I've found this makes my foundation sit much better and allows the foundation to look like skin. 

This basically is a tinted version of Strobe Cream. It's perfect for girls who love a natural look or as a base for foundation if you love a super glam, stay in place makeup. The cream turns flesh coloured on application and is best for those who are more yellow toned. I've found this a great alternative to foundation in sunny weather but also is great for nights out when I need my makeup to stay put. 

I was originally very sceptical about this product as I didn't think it could deliver what it says but boy I was wrong. Perfect to apply under makeup to give some extra life to your foundation, great as a refresh spray half way through the day, a fantastic setting spray and a great summer cooling mist if kept in the fridge! The spray nozzle is really fine so a light mist coats your face, giving your skin some added moisture without silicone, alcohol and oil! 

A setting spray infused with rose water, this is a little heavier than the Smashbox but delivers a great result. I've found that I love to use the Smashbox as a primer and this as a refreshing spray. The formula controls shine and the scent is pleasant and calming. And the bottle is perfect handbag size making it's great for on the go, holidays and those last minute work to party Friday nights.

I recommend all four of the products but especially the MAC Strobe Cream and the Smashbox Primer Water as I think they would be great on all skin-types.

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @GemmaLEBond if you have any hybrid products you love for the warmer weather!

*PR Sample