The £1.99 lippies and £1.79 nail polishes you NEED

It can be so easy to go to Boots or Superdrug and be overwhelmed by makeup. I've been blogging for a long time and it still happens to me when lots of new releases come into the stores! However, one brand I constantly return to is a brand that I feel is really undervalued. NYC Cosmetics or New York Colour as some people refer to it, is sold in most Superdrug stores along with lots of independent pharmacies. Their product range is great and very affordable- their bronzers and mascaras are two products in particular that I feel I would pay twice as much for.

Like many brands, NYC are launching new products in May, just in time for the summer months. First off, 24 colours of fast drying polishes called "Shine In a Minute"* are launching priced at £1.79. The colours pictured are Statue of Liberty 601 (mint green), Upper East Side 103 (brown nude) and Hudson River 701 (royal blue). I love the colour range of these products- Upper East Side is my favourite from the range as it's the perfect nude that makes the hands look clean and long. The formula is fantastic- two coats, dries quickly and lasted 4/5 days with no chips (I use Seche Vite top coat). 

Secondly, expanding on their lip range (their lipsticks are great with LOADS of MAC dupes) with satin-matte colours*. One of my favourite lipsticks by NYC is one called Sugar Plum- a great pinky, everyday nude. Pictured is  Creamy Mauve 449 (pink), Smooth Beige 448 (70s nude) and Red Suede 452 (deep red). The formula of the lipsticks is fantastic with the red shade being particularly great- one slick delivers a punch of colour. These retail for £1.99 and are perfect for throwing in your bag or to match a certain outfit without breaking the bank.

Definitely try these products out when they launch in May- for under £2 you could easily update your summer makeup with a pop of colour.

*PR Samples