I've become truly obsessed with Pinterest and I seem to spend most of my time pinning examples of stunning simple, minimalist style. I really want to be a Swedish girl who only wears monochrome colours! 

In a little homage to the simple style I've been loving (and because of the gorgeous weather), I threw together this outfit. It features a mixture of items I've picked up over the past year but I think it's a great transitional outfit for this kind of weather. Firstly, my wedge heels are from DKNY and I picked them up last summer in Kildare Village. They were a truly great buy as they match everything! Tan wedges are essential for summer and I would encourage anyone to pick up a pair. My jeans are from Gap and I also picked these up last year (in the sale for £10!). Gap have a huge sale on at the moment so you might strike lucky. They are straight leg and as someone who usually wears skinnies, are a welcome change. I also like to roll the ends up when I'm wearing flat shoes and a tee. My top is a silk came from Matalan. They do these in so many colours and I've been wearing them constantly! My khaki duster jacket was another great bargain- £5 in TK Maxx's clearance rail! The clearance rail is an absolutely amazing place to visit if you want a bargain. The amount of stuff I've picked up over the years is unbelievable. But be prepared to hoke! Duster jackets are perfect for this weather plus they looks super chic over the most basic of outfits. My sunglasses are £1.50 from Primark. I really want the Kim Kardashian Celine pair but at over £200, I think I'll leave them for now!

I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine and the holidays. Now back to the grind!