Pretty please Easter Bunny!

Ordinarily, if you asked me do I want a bar of chocolate or a packet of jellies, I'd fight you for the jellies. But Easter, like Christmas, turns me into a different woman. I want all the chocolate, in all varieties. I was lucky enough to attend the M&S Press Show in London back in January so I was given a sneak peak of the Easter ranges.  I think there is something that makes me think about my childhood with Easter- my poor grandmother would spend weeks making my Easter basket to carry to church! Now Easter eggs are very grown up and look great sitting in your living room (if you can make it to Easter Sunday!). I completely fell in love with the eggs Marks and Spencer had on offer this season. They are ornately made, beautifully packaged and taste divine. They remind me a lot of Hotel Chocolat which have a much higher price point and aren't are readily available. 

These are my two favourites that I'm hoping for from the Easter bunny. Both of these eggs plus lots of other treats (Belgian chocolate hot cross buns, hello!) are available in store now. 

1. The Giant Golden Lattice Egg, £40
This egg may be £40 but you get a huge 1.5kg of chocolate. More than that, the egg is absolutely beautiful and handmade by skilled Irish chocolatiers LIR. Each eggs takes almost an hour to make. Only 7,500 of these beautiful eggs are being produced, each with a limited edition number. Over eight people help create the finely piped milk chocolate lattice, four people dust the egg with golden lustre and four people place each individual chocolate bead on to the egg.So it's not only an Easter egg, but a piece of Irish art. This would be a great egg to impress the in-laws or the grown-up kid in your life. It's (almost) too good to eat- but after sampling it, I can safely say you'll have it scoffed in no time! 

2. The Artist's Egg, £12
If you want a fancy little egg for someone you love (or if you're like me, for your good self), The Artist's Egg is ideal. For £12 you get 300g of egg with some lightly spiced orange gnaches to share. This egg tastes great with a cup of coffee and definitely is the most grown up egg from th range.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, whatever you get up to.