27 April 2015

Celebrating KLM coming to Belfast

Pictured with fellow bloggers Els from My Feet Are Meant to Roam  and Jess from The Gap Year Guru

I sometimes pinch myself with the things I get up to with my blog. I love flying and enjoy nothing more than a long haul flight were I can switch off my phone. When KLM invited me on a special flight around Belfast on a 1930s Dakota D3 plane, I was so excited (and admittedly, a little nervous). The experience was a beautiful one and it's a memory I will take with me for the rest of my days. This was all in celebration of KLM coming to Belfast City Airport. Their flights to Amsterdam start on the 18th May. This makes Amsterdam not only perfect (and handy) for a weekend away, but a great airport for further international travel. I've yet to visit Amsterdam so I feel it's now next on my 'go to' list!

Thank you KLM for an amazing experience. See for more information on flights.