The stunning new scents from DKNY

The dark nights are disappearing- hooray! This means spring is around the corner and it's time for some Spring/Summer scents. DKNY have launched four new limited edition perfumes for 2015 and I've been giving them a test.

DKNY Delicious Delights 50ml, £37
Everyone is familiar with DKNY Delicious that is a zesty apple scent but for summer they have produced three great limited editions, inspired by sorbets. The packaging is as cute as ever and each scent has a very different smell.

The pink bottle is Fruity Rooty and contains notes of blackberry, mandarin and blackcurrant. This is quite a sexy, musky scent without being over-powering. It would make a great daytime scent and it dries down to be even more musky. The orange bottle is Dreamsicle and contains mandarin, raspberry, peach and apricot. This is definitely the strongest and most summery of the bunch. It's a very distinctive scent and definitely not for the faint hearted! The green bottle is Cool Swirl and contacts blackcurrant, violet leaves, coconut water, pistachio and patchouli. This is my favourite of the bunch. It's very light, clean and wearable all year round.

Overall, the Delicious Delights collection is well worth a look- one of the three will be your cup of tea!

DKNY Women Limited Edition 100ml, £41 (Exclusively at Superdrug)
I feel like the DKNY bottles are so iconic! DKNY Women was one of the first perfumes I ever bought so the huge oblong bottle always brings me back. This summer, the perfume contains spearmint, sweet orange, grapefruit, lily and patchouli. This scent is really unique- it smells very strong on first spray but when it dries down it is utterly stunning. The patchouli really comes through and the orange makes it smell a little like the original DKNY that many women know and love. This would make a GREAT gift as it's a really nice scent that is inoffensive and perfect for all ages. 

What do you think of the new scents from DKNY?