The Benebrow

The one beauty thing I cannot live without is my brows. I feel like they are my signature thing! However, the truth is, my own brows are just ok. It's the products that makes them look fabulous.

Benefit recently invited me to try their Brow Bar in Debenhams Castlecourt and to test out some of their most loved products. I had my brows waxed and tinted at the Benefit counter. It was a pleasant experience and the girls were great. I feel like a lot of ladies don't like the idea of not having it done in a beautician or that people would be staring at you but it feels private. My brows came out a great shape and very defined. If you have never had your brows tended to before, they are great as they can give you lots of advice to get them into the shape you've always wanted. 

As for products, I was sent High Brow Glow (£15.50)Gimme Brow (£17.50) and Brow Zings (£24.50). I like the High Brow Glow as it's a great neutral highlight colour. It works well under brows but also on the cupids bow and the inner corner of the eye. It's bigger than a usual pencil so I can see it lasting a long time. I liked Brow Zings as I had tried it many years ago. The little kit is cute (those tiny tweezers!) and the powder & wax are well pigmented. However, the little brushes are fairly redudant and I find myself using my usual MAC brush to apply the product. I use Brow Zings by mixing the wax and powder together on the brush. A nice product but in my opinion, a little over priced. However, the stand out product for me was Gimme Brow. I have tried MANY brow gels and never been pleased. Gimme Brow comes up trumps for two reasons. Firstly, it has a teeny tiny brush so all brow hairs can be caught and secondly, the fibres also help to give the brow some thickness. I have used Gimme Brow almost everyday since I bought it and feel it is a fabulous investment for girls who are like me- a good brow that needs a bit of help!

All in all- buy Gimme Brow. It has now become a holy grail product that I know I will use for years to come. 

Let me know what you love from Benefit and if you have tried out the Benefit Brow Bar by commenting below or tweeting me @GemmaLEBond.