Getting to know Smashbox

Continuing on with my 2015 theme of trying more brands, I recently delved into the world of Smashbox. I have only ever tried their famous Photo Finish Primer (years ago!) so I felt like I needed to try some other items from their range. 

I have to admit that I'm not usually a waterproof mascara fan. It is a well known fact that although they hold a curl in your lashes much more successfully, they can also be a pain to remove. I'm happy to admit that this mascara has changed my opinion on waterproof mascaras! The formula is quite thick to match the HUGE fat brush that disperses the product. The colour is very strong and makes the lashes look full and thick. However, the brush is so large that it causes two problems for me. The brush is so large that is makes it problematic to apply the formula to the bottom lashes. Secondly, the brush can become quite congested with product and need wiped down. But I can confirm I have done the "cry test" with the mascara and it did NOT MOVE nor did I loose any lash volume. This mascara is great for ladies with runny eyes or if you are like me and are prone to being a bit emotional (around certain times of the month!). It's definitely worth a try as it's unlike any other I've tried plus it's easy to remove with an oil based remover at the end of the day.

I love a brown liner. It makes me look more awake and opens up my eyes. I frequently use a pencil liner but this kohl is soft and easy to apply- some what like many of my beloved eyeshadow sticks. The Pennylane brown shade offers a mix of chocolate and copper tones which looks stunning on the waterline or along the top lashes. The "always sharp" concept means the pencil is sharped in the lid when you put it on. I have no idea of the mechanics behind this but it's very impressive. This liner has become a firm favourite of mine and I think could turn out to be a real hero product.

The same "always sharp" pencil also comes in lip liner form. They are definitely next on my list to try! 

Smashbox can be purchased in Boots Royal Avenue and online.