Bronze Leaf tan- at the salon and at home

Watch out other tanning brands- there is a new kid on the block! I am the fussiest tan user ever. I think I've tried basically every tan on the market. My skin loves lotions and spray tans and Bronze Leaf came into my life after a fantastic spray tan at Deborah Harper's Helen's Bay salon. The organic tan can be applied at home- the liquid lotion is applied to their velvet mitt and applied to the body. Enriched with deep moisturisers and exotic botanical extracts that tone and firm the skin, Bronze Leaf also fights cellulite whilst developing a naturally youthful, sunkissed glow. This means that it has so many skin properties rather than just being a tanner. Bronze Leaf is so good that they are the official sponsors for Miss Northern Ireland this year!

At the salon
In the middle of a very dark and rainy week, I popped over to Deborah Harper's beautiful Helen's Bay salon. She has recently brought Bronze Leaf into the salon. The salon spray comes in three shades- light, medium and dark. Medium was perfect for me and I had a double spray all over my body and one spray on my face. I was impressed as the tan was instantly dry and there was no stickiness to it. It also dried a beautiful sun kissed colour that I was able to walk about and do my daily errands with! (I hate spray tans that are so dark that you have to hide for an evening!). I showered the following morning and the tan guide colour washed off to reveal a golden tan. It was not patchy nor did it have a "tan" smell. On me, with daily moisturising, the tan lasted about six days. What I liked most about this tan was that the tan added beautifully. The tan did not go patchy but rather faded slowly. To me, this was a huge draw to the tan and made me definitely want to try a salon spray again!

At home
Bronze Leaf also sell an at home product that is a spray lotion that comes out a brown colour meaning you can see where you put it! You spray 10-12 sprays of the lotion on to the special Bronze Leaf velvet mitt. This is the softest mitt ever and it makes putting tan on very luxurious. The tan comes in Original and Dark. Original is perfect for you fair skinned beauties who just want a light glow or two layers for a more medium, longer lasting tan. The dark is great if you are like me and love an intense tan. I tried one layer and this was grand and lasted a full week! Two layers felt too dark on me but if you are darker than me, the tan does layer very easily. My skin felt very soft and nourished using the tan and again, it wore off beautifully. 

Bronze Leaf tan is one to try if you are not a usual tanner- it's hard to mess up! It's also great for those with sensitive skin and even perfect if you are pregnant. 

To celebrate my new love affair with Bronze Leaf- I am giving away a Bronze Leaf salon spray plus an at home lotion and mitt (worth £48!). Click over to my Facebook to enter it. 

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