A Lidl Bit of Fashion

Two words I never thought to put together were Lidl and fashion. I love Lidl. Like Primark 10 years ago, Lidl is no longer the shunned shop. Lidl is great for fresh local produce, sweets and wine. The launch of their fashion range intrigued me. The range features a selection of classic pieces and accessories which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect capsule wardrobe, for an easy transition from spring to summer at a fraction of the high street cost.

The key pieces I spotted were breton tops and a sturdy trench coat (in red, navy or cream) for £14.99. The clothes are very simple pieces for layering and pairing with other items in your wardrobe. They also had some great jeans that seemed quite long when I measured them up against me. I picked up a great statement necklace for £4.99 and some great (sucky in!) tights for £2.99. I'm happy to report these were well fitting and looked great under my skirt. Some of the pieces are in store now and more will roll out over the next few months. 

Although the clothes are in packets in the aisles of the supermarket, there are some sample sizes out so you can slip these on or measure them up quickly against you. Some of the sizing is very generous and others is a bit on the smaller size so I do recommend having a measure before you take it home!

Overall- Lidl fashion is not bad at all. It's not high end but it's no worse than Primark. The pieces are simple, in decent quality fabrics and would work well in any existing wardrobe.