A hair refresh with NOON SALON

I am the queen of changing my hair. I had left it for a month after having my extensions to get back to it's 100% best before I decided to do anything drastic. Noon Salon on the Lisburn Road invited me down to have my hair done and check out their new salon. Previously Synergy salon, the team have now rebranded and moved upstairs to a more intimate space. As you can see from the pictures, the salon is bright and great fun. It was designed by the same people behind the Made in Belfast quirky restaurants so it's very far removed from the clinical salons that seem to be the norm. My favourite bit was the tv screen that was bolted to the ceiling meaning you had something to focus on whilst getting your hair washed!

I decided to have my hair completely refreshed. I needed my roots done and the cut needed a tidy up. Noon is a Wella salon. I really love Wella products and find that they've really changed as a brand over the past few years (as they were bough over by P&G). Shomisha did my colour. She kept my roots dark (and covered all of my grey!) and lifted the ends with some hand-painted balayage to give me some depth. This was then toned with a toffee colour at the basin. My hair was washed with the new Wella Elements range which is all sulphate and paraben free. The range smells delicious and my hair was so clean after. The salon owner, Tony, did my cut. Tony's background is with Toni & Guys and continues to build on his knowledge with Vidal Sasson. I loved his attitutde to his craft and he has passed this on to the rest of his staff, including Shomisha who has been with him for 10 years. Tony asked me what my end goal was for my hair. I explained I would like to have my hair longer for summer. He then opted to keep my hair longer at the front but take some weight from the layers and back to make it sit better. I was really impressed by my cut but also by his dedication to explaining what he was doing.

Tony was also very kind and gave me a bottle of Wella Dry Thermal Image spray. He used this on my hair after blowdrying and before straightening. Unlike other heat protection sprays that can be really heavy and leave a film on your hair, this is light, smells amazing and make the hair look so shiny. A definite HERO PRODUCT!

Thank you so much to Tony, Shomisha and all at Noon Salon for a lovely experience. For more on the salon, have a little nosey at their Facebook. They run offers such as 25% off during the week which is great for a high quality service. Overall, Noon is an easy going salon experience. I'd highly recommend it for anyone wanting a bit hair change and is a bit afraid or for people who like a fun, relaxed environment.

The investment eyeshadow palettes

There is such an eyeshadow palette craze at the minute. I mean, why buy 1 eyeshadow when you can buy a whole load?! I have always been a lip girl but palettes have really opened my eyes (literally!) to all the different looks you can create. I detail three of the most popular palettes below and the benefits of each. 

The Double Exposure Palette has a real mix of colours and almost feels like a hybrid of the two below. Every single of of the shades is wearable and they also can be used easily for brows and contouring. The "double" element of this palette comes when you wet the shadows (you are best to dampen your brush with a little bit of toner or primer water) and they change in how they look by either getting deeper, becoming sparkly or metallic. I see this as a great "night out" palette and I love to play with it as you can create countless different looks. The shadows are a beautiful consistency- they don't put down too much colour making them easy to build up. The packaging is also quite sturdy and it comes with a very usable and handy brush. 
Eyeshadow eyeshadow enthusiasts, makeup artists 

The Naked Palette seemed to be the eyeshadow offering that kicked off the palette revival. A host of neutral wearable shadows for all colours, the palette will help you to create a simple smokey eye. The colours I use most from this palette are the shimmers such as Sin, Sidecar, Half Baked and Smog. If you aren't too into eyeshadow and want to explore it more, this palette is the perfect place to start. The palette comes with a brush but I don't think it's that great for eyeshadow and prefer to use it for concealer! The packaging of the Naked Palette is also a downside as the lettering on the front rubs off after too much use. But all in all, it's a great place to start. Just make sure you have some great brushes and you can go to town with it!
Best for: those who want to get into eyeshadow, creating an easy smoky eye

Lastly, we have the cocoa infused eyeshadows from Too Faced. Not only do they smell amazing, but they offer an array of great colours. I have found that this is my most used palette but I think it has a lot to do with my colouring. I think all of the colours look great with my dark hair and hazel eyes. The colours are very pigmented and there are also two great highlight shades in the form of White Chocolate and Champagne Truffle. My most used colour in this palette is Semi-Sweet which is a very simple brown but it makes the best crease colour with any look. The packaging of this is very sturdy as it's in a tin but unlike the other two palettes, does not come with a brush. 
Best for: those with olive skin, if you travel a lot

Which palette(s) do you own and love? Are you adding any to your shopping list? Let me know by tweeting me @GemmaLEBond or commenting below. 

Barely Cosmetics- giving you more from your beauty products

I am a fiend for all forms of beauty tools. Brushes, sponges and mitts all really fascinate me as so often, a cheap product can look amazing if you have the right tools.

New company Barely Cosmetics contacted me to try out their range. The Northern Irish company is owned by a makeup artist who saw a gap in the market for products to apply your makeup effectively. The range consists of three sponges and a mitt, all of which are decently priced and arrive packaged beautifully. The little frosted packages are great for storing them if you are on the move, especially the mitt if you don't have time to wash it. All of the sponges can be used wet or dry. I prefer them wet but make sure to really squeeze the water out as they can retain a lot of water! 

This is the classic sponge and can be used for everything but predominately foundation. I have used this on numerous occasions to apply my foundation and have found it works particularly well with something that has medium coverage such as L'Oreal True Match. It makes the foundation sit beautifully and makes it really easy to blend. 

This is my stand out product of the range. The baby of the lot, it is perfect for under eye concealer and I found it also was great for BB cream. I loved using it with my Maybelline Eraser concealer to give the perfect under eye highlight. 

The same shape as the original sponge but in a harder material, this sponge is designed for contouring and highlighting. I have to be honest in saying I only used this once or twice as I don't use many liquid contouring or highlighting products. This is probably the best sponge if you are a makeup artist or a real pro. 

This mitt is FABULOUS for the price. A little bit more than you would pay in a pharmacy but so much more long lasting. The mitt is double sided and soft making it great to apply your tan in a hurry. It's also machine washable- a big plus! 

Overall, my must buys are the little Prep, Blot and Blend sponge along with the tanning mitt. They will change the way in which you apply your makeup and tan and ultimately save you some money as they reduce wasting product. 

For more information on Barely Cosmetics and to buy the products mentioned, visit their website:

Why I love Charcoal Essential Therapy and their honest approach to beauty

I've been going to beauty salons since I was 10 years old. This was the age my mother first took me to get my brows looked after and for a file and paint. I know 10 years old is CRAZY young but hey, it was back in the day. In the 13 years since, I'd estimate that I've been to at least 50 different salons. That's a lot of people having different opinions on what the best products are. For me (and I'm sure many of you reading this), it comes to the point where beauty treatments are more of a necessity than a luxury. Making sure my eyebrows don't meet in the middle is definitely in the best interest of the general public.

I was recently invited to Charcoal Essential Therapy on the Blacks Road to discover what they were all about. I instantly fell in love. Firstly, the salon is just off the motorway, has a private entrance behind the garage (excellent for when you have just had your waxing done and don't want to run into your ex-boyfriend/cousin's best friend etc) and it's easy and free to park. All bonuses before I even get into the salon. The salon is up one flight of stairs and is all based on one level. The salon is airy but not intimidating. The simple decor and private rooms make it easy to feel relaxed in the environment. On my first visit to Charcoal, I had my nails done. They use Cuccio products in the salon which are all very high quality. I opted for a grey gel polish by the brand but prior to putting this on my nails, they also put two layers of base gel down. This means the colour lasts even longer (the picture above is of my nails 2 weeks after getting it done and they are still perfect!). On my first trip to the salon, Monica looked after me. She was lovely and we had a great laugh whilst she was doing my nails. I also met the owner Roberta on my visit. She was so kind and gave me some of their best loved products to try out. 

My favourites of these products are pictured above. Firstly, their own brand of lip-balms are fab. The simple packaging makes it easy to throw in your handbag and the gorgeous white chocolate scent definitely encourages me to use it! There were also little samples of the Cuccio Butter in my goodie bag. I had used this years ago and honestly had forgotten how much I love it. I am very strange about scents of body creams but I love all of the Cuccio scents. The cream is so nourishing and I've been using this little tube as a hand cream. Roberta also put in an HD Brows pencil for me to try. The salon do HD Brows and also sell all of their retail products. I was a fan of their brow powder and the pencil is almost a powder in stick format. Therefore I love it and it's  my new favourite. It also has a sharpener on the end making it perfect for girls on the go. I use the shade Vamp and it's a strong brown. The only way it could be improved was if it had a spoolie on the end. Then it would be PERFECT! Lastly, Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads. They do what they say on the label. Great for dark girls like me who are prone to them but also make a great exfoliator because they contain lots of salicylic acid. 

I loved Charcoal so much that the following week, I went back for a pedicure. When I was there having my nails done I saw the pedicure seat. It's a high back massage chair with the foot spa built it. I knew I needed to have a go! My pedicure by Roberta was so fantastic, again using all Cuccio products. I particularly liked the scrub which made my feet feel super soft. It would be a great one to buy for any avid fake tan users. Roberta also sorted out my brows when I was there (wax and tint) and so many people have commented on them since. They are a natural shape and very dark meaning I have little to do to them!

Charcoal Essential Therapy is honestly one of the best salons I've ever been to. They are well known for their waxing treatments and I can't wait to go back and try these out. Thank you to Roberta and Monica for looking after me.

For more information, visit their websiteFacebook or call 028 90 611403 to book. 

Selfie Destruction

Over the past four years of my blogging career (I owned a semi-successful student blog before That Belfast Girl), I've become fairly used to taking pictures of myself. Selfies, have always been a love of mine. I have so many from hilarious nights out and of fun birthdays. But I also have a wide array of me with numerous products on my face. I'm not a model, nor would I ever want to be but often to show the product off best, I need to show it on my actual face. 

There's a misconception that bloggers are very confident. I speak only for myself when I say that I've always had self-confidence issues. I need so much reassurance about things and most of all, with the way I look. I'm sure there's a string of issues behind it but I don't ever remember looking at a picture of myself and thinking "I look fab". Like most women, I hide my insecurities fairly well but there comes a point when they seem to mount on you and you start to worry. If you saw my post 'Lip drama' from last week, you will have witnessed one such occasion. Over the past six months I've increasingly seen my self-confidence go from low to rock bottom. I've spent hours looking up skin treatments, semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic fillers and even invasive cosmetic procedures. I do put this down to constantly thinking I'm not good enough for my reader, to post a picture for thousands of people to see. But like I said before, I'm not a model. I'm a normal girl who loves lipstick as much as she loves pizza and ice-cream. 

This week, some sort of light bulb went off in my head. Why was I doing this to myself? If I already have low confidence, why would I think that all of these physical things would change how I feel in my heart? Would my face, if it was perfect and flawless make me any happier? And I know the answer is no. If you are reading this and are one of the many amazing readers that constantly gives me support and compliments, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Women need to do that more. But what about when I'm wearing sweats, I have third day hair, I'm on my period and I've no makeup on? No one is going to tell me how fab I am then because let's be honest, I'm not looking so hot. So I have decided I'm going to tell myself how fab I am. Life is too bloody short. I'm fab because I'm on my third degree. I'm fab because I've made a business out of something I love. 

Selfie culture has really started to disturb me and I see some of my friend's kids who post Instagram selfies of themselves. I wonder do they look at my selfies of me made up to the nines and think that is what they have to look like? I've put a picture of me as a little girl on this post because I think back to being a kid. You thought you were fabulous, not really because people told you, just because you knew you were. You had a big world to explore and a 10p mix up made your day. I look at my little girl self and she looks so happy and beautiful because I wasn't concerned about what I looked like or more importantly, what people thought of what I looked like. 

So from now on, I want to embrace who I am and not worry so much about the stupid perfect selfie. When you see a selfie, remember it can be edited. Remember that all photos can be photoshopped- even if it's just on a blog and not in an issue of Vogue. 

I will finish with this. I recently told my friend's daughter if you look fab, you feel fab. I then realised it's really the other way around. You need to feel fab on the inside about yourself and outwardly, people will recognise the confidence and pride you have of your achievements and abilities, not just of your physical appearance. 

I'm on a path to build my confidence once and for all and I'd love you all to join with me on it. Join the conversation at #SelfieDestruction on Twitter @GemmaLEBond or Facebook

Temple Spa Loving

I feel like there are brands that people LOVE yet never seem to talk about. Temple Spa is one of those brands- it's almost like a secret club of users including one of my beauty idols, the gorgeous Nigella Lawson. The brand provides luxury products that don't cost the earth and aims to look after your body as well as making it feel nourished. I keep both of these products in my bedside cabinet as I tend to use them either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

I am constantly running around and (TMI) have super dry feet so I love having something soothing to put on them. The thick cream is a blend of 12 essential oils and absorbs quickly into the feet. It smells gorgeous and when used everyday, definitely helps to sort out my dryness. This is also a great product to take when travelling and the perfect to get feet in tip top condition before sandal season. 

It's rare that you find a cream that you can use from head to toe but Peace Be Still is just that. After a bad skin breakout, a friend gave me this to sort out the inflammation and it did the trick. It's also great for dry patches of skin all over the body and also great as an aftersun. It is so gentle and soothing that I can imagine it would be great for little ones too. The aromatherapy properties also help to soothe any weariness you may have. All in all- a great product that is also super value for money.

Let me know if you have tried anything by Temple Spa- I have to try some more!

For more information on products or to find out about having a Temple Spa experience at your home (which I highly recommend), please visit:

A Lidl Bit of Fashion

Two words I never thought to put together were Lidl and fashion. I love Lidl. Like Primark 10 years ago, Lidl is no longer the shunned shop. Lidl is great for fresh local produce, sweets and wine. The launch of their fashion range intrigued me. The range features a selection of classic pieces and accessories which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect capsule wardrobe, for an easy transition from spring to summer at a fraction of the high street cost.

The key pieces I spotted were breton tops and a sturdy trench coat (in red, navy or cream) for £14.99. The clothes are very simple pieces for layering and pairing with other items in your wardrobe. They also had some great jeans that seemed quite long when I measured them up against me. I picked up a great statement necklace for £4.99 and some great (sucky in!) tights for £2.99. I'm happy to report these were well fitting and looked great under my skirt. Some of the pieces are in store now and more will roll out over the next few months. 

Although the clothes are in packets in the aisles of the supermarket, there are some sample sizes out so you can slip these on or measure them up quickly against you. Some of the sizing is very generous and others is a bit on the smaller size so I do recommend having a measure before you take it home!

Overall- Lidl fashion is not bad at all. It's not high end but it's no worse than Primark. The pieces are simple, in decent quality fabrics and would work well in any existing wardrobe. 

And I dreamed of spring

I'm fed up of the cold now. As much as I love my wooly jumpers and boots, I'm ready for a Vitamin D fix. The weather does finally seem to be on the turn (hooray) so I've started to break out some of my more spring appropriate products. 

My friend Anneke studies in Dublin (I know you are reading this! Thanks!) and kindly bought me my first Charlotte Tilbury lippie for Christmas (as they have a counter in Brown Thomas- I'm so jealous!). She knows I love a 50s nude pout but that in the summer, I reach for my orange colours. Coachella Coral is the perfect mix of the two. One coat gives a better than nude shade and two gives a juicy coral. It's perfect with a flick of liner and highlighted cheeks for a go-to everyday shade. The consistency of the lip stick is just gorgeous and I love pulling the lips out of my bag- that packaging!!! This may be my first Charlotte lipstick but certainly not my last. 

I have to admit I love most of the Katy Perry fragrances. They are surprisingly wearable and smell very grown up. With top nots of pink freesia, violet and blackcurrant blossom, the perfume is sweet but still light. The dry down really allows the violet to be smelt to its full bloom. A great scent for an array of ages that won't break the bank and like my lipstick, a joy to pull out my handbag!

Now for the weather truly to change so I can get the sandals out... 

The Benebrow

The one beauty thing I cannot live without is my brows. I feel like they are my signature thing! However, the truth is, my own brows are just ok. It's the products that makes them look fabulous.

Benefit recently invited me to try their Brow Bar in Debenhams Castlecourt and to test out some of their most loved products. I had my brows waxed and tinted at the Benefit counter. It was a pleasant experience and the girls were great. I feel like a lot of ladies don't like the idea of not having it done in a beautician or that people would be staring at you but it feels private. My brows came out a great shape and very defined. If you have never had your brows tended to before, they are great as they can give you lots of advice to get them into the shape you've always wanted. 

As for products, I was sent High Brow Glow (£15.50)Gimme Brow (£17.50) and Brow Zings (£24.50). I like the High Brow Glow as it's a great neutral highlight colour. It works well under brows but also on the cupids bow and the inner corner of the eye. It's bigger than a usual pencil so I can see it lasting a long time. I liked Brow Zings as I had tried it many years ago. The little kit is cute (those tiny tweezers!) and the powder & wax are well pigmented. However, the little brushes are fairly redudant and I find myself using my usual MAC brush to apply the product. I use Brow Zings by mixing the wax and powder together on the brush. A nice product but in my opinion, a little over priced. However, the stand out product for me was Gimme Brow. I have tried MANY brow gels and never been pleased. Gimme Brow comes up trumps for two reasons. Firstly, it has a teeny tiny brush so all brow hairs can be caught and secondly, the fibres also help to give the brow some thickness. I have used Gimme Brow almost everyday since I bought it and feel it is a fabulous investment for girls who are like me- a good brow that needs a bit of help!

All in all- buy Gimme Brow. It has now become a holy grail product that I know I will use for years to come. 

Let me know what you love from Benefit and if you have tried out the Benefit Brow Bar by commenting below or tweeting me @GemmaLEBond. 

Bronze Leaf tan- at the salon and at home

Watch out other tanning brands- there is a new kid on the block! I am the fussiest tan user ever. I think I've tried basically every tan on the market. My skin loves lotions and spray tans and Bronze Leaf came into my life after a fantastic spray tan at Deborah Harper's Helen's Bay salon. The organic tan can be applied at home- the liquid lotion is applied to their velvet mitt and applied to the body. Enriched with deep moisturisers and exotic botanical extracts that tone and firm the skin, Bronze Leaf also fights cellulite whilst developing a naturally youthful, sunkissed glow. This means that it has so many skin properties rather than just being a tanner. Bronze Leaf is so good that they are the official sponsors for Miss Northern Ireland this year!

At the salon
In the middle of a very dark and rainy week, I popped over to Deborah Harper's beautiful Helen's Bay salon. She has recently brought Bronze Leaf into the salon. The salon spray comes in three shades- light, medium and dark. Medium was perfect for me and I had a double spray all over my body and one spray on my face. I was impressed as the tan was instantly dry and there was no stickiness to it. It also dried a beautiful sun kissed colour that I was able to walk about and do my daily errands with! (I hate spray tans that are so dark that you have to hide for an evening!). I showered the following morning and the tan guide colour washed off to reveal a golden tan. It was not patchy nor did it have a "tan" smell. On me, with daily moisturising, the tan lasted about six days. What I liked most about this tan was that the tan added beautifully. The tan did not go patchy but rather faded slowly. To me, this was a huge draw to the tan and made me definitely want to try a salon spray again!

At home
Bronze Leaf also sell an at home product that is a spray lotion that comes out a brown colour meaning you can see where you put it! You spray 10-12 sprays of the lotion on to the special Bronze Leaf velvet mitt. This is the softest mitt ever and it makes putting tan on very luxurious. The tan comes in Original and Dark. Original is perfect for you fair skinned beauties who just want a light glow or two layers for a more medium, longer lasting tan. The dark is great if you are like me and love an intense tan. I tried one layer and this was grand and lasted a full week! Two layers felt too dark on me but if you are darker than me, the tan does layer very easily. My skin felt very soft and nourished using the tan and again, it wore off beautifully. 

Bronze Leaf tan is one to try if you are not a usual tanner- it's hard to mess up! It's also great for those with sensitive skin and even perfect if you are pregnant. 

To celebrate my new love affair with Bronze Leaf- I am giving away a Bronze Leaf salon spray plus an at home lotion and mitt (worth £48!). Click over to my Facebook to enter it. 

To buy Bronze Leaf or find your local Bronze Leaf stockist, visit

The stunning new scents from DKNY

The dark nights are disappearing- hooray! This means spring is around the corner and it's time for some Spring/Summer scents. DKNY have launched four new limited edition perfumes for 2015 and I've been giving them a test.

DKNY Delicious Delights 50ml, £37
Everyone is familiar with DKNY Delicious that is a zesty apple scent but for summer they have produced three great limited editions, inspired by sorbets. The packaging is as cute as ever and each scent has a very different smell.

The pink bottle is Fruity Rooty and contains notes of blackberry, mandarin and blackcurrant. This is quite a sexy, musky scent without being over-powering. It would make a great daytime scent and it dries down to be even more musky. The orange bottle is Dreamsicle and contains mandarin, raspberry, peach and apricot. This is definitely the strongest and most summery of the bunch. It's a very distinctive scent and definitely not for the faint hearted! The green bottle is Cool Swirl and contacts blackcurrant, violet leaves, coconut water, pistachio and patchouli. This is my favourite of the bunch. It's very light, clean and wearable all year round.

Overall, the Delicious Delights collection is well worth a look- one of the three will be your cup of tea!

DKNY Women Limited Edition 100ml, £41 (Exclusively at Superdrug)
I feel like the DKNY bottles are so iconic! DKNY Women was one of the first perfumes I ever bought so the huge oblong bottle always brings me back. This summer, the perfume contains spearmint, sweet orange, grapefruit, lily and patchouli. This scent is really unique- it smells very strong on first spray but when it dries down it is utterly stunning. The patchouli really comes through and the orange makes it smell a little like the original DKNY that many women know and love. This would make a GREAT gift as it's a really nice scent that is inoffensive and perfect for all ages. 

What do you think of the new scents from DKNY? 

Artistry Eye Crayons

If you told me that they were no longer making powder eyeshadows, I would not shed a tear. For over a year I've been having a wonderful love affair with eyeshadow sticks. They are the easiest thing for a girl on the go like me. Fire it over your lid, blend it with your finger or a brush and go.

I was recently intrigued by Artistry Eye Crayons*. Artistry is not a brand I had heard of before but the packaging and colours really stood out to me. It turns out Artistry is a really big world-wide brand that sells amazing quality products- they've even had Sandra Bullock as the face of the brand!

The eyeshadow stick trio contains three sticks- Sky Blue, Desert Sand and Indigo (swatches above). The packaging is solid and winds up to reveal more colour when required. They apply absolutely beautifully but you need to work fast as they set very quickly. When they set, they literally do not budge. I left the swatches on my hand for a few hours and they continued to look absolutely perfect. The Sky Blue is not a colour I would wear but it would be gorgeous on anyone with grey/blue eyes to make them pop. Desert Sand is a great cream gold that would make a great base for any other colour. However, the stand out for me was Indigo. The deep navy shade serves as a stunning alternative to black and really compliments my hazel eyes. It creates a beautiful yet soft smoky eye. I also used it as a liner to draw a simple cat eye and it looked great.

Overall, I'm very impressed by my first products from Artistry. I'd definitely recommend trying out the eye crayons as they make a great everyday eye!

*PR Sample

Getting to know Smashbox

Continuing on with my 2015 theme of trying more brands, I recently delved into the world of Smashbox. I have only ever tried their famous Photo Finish Primer (years ago!) so I felt like I needed to try some other items from their range. 

I have to admit that I'm not usually a waterproof mascara fan. It is a well known fact that although they hold a curl in your lashes much more successfully, they can also be a pain to remove. I'm happy to admit that this mascara has changed my opinion on waterproof mascaras! The formula is quite thick to match the HUGE fat brush that disperses the product. The colour is very strong and makes the lashes look full and thick. However, the brush is so large that it causes two problems for me. The brush is so large that is makes it problematic to apply the formula to the bottom lashes. Secondly, the brush can become quite congested with product and need wiped down. But I can confirm I have done the "cry test" with the mascara and it did NOT MOVE nor did I loose any lash volume. This mascara is great for ladies with runny eyes or if you are like me and are prone to being a bit emotional (around certain times of the month!). It's definitely worth a try as it's unlike any other I've tried plus it's easy to remove with an oil based remover at the end of the day.

I love a brown liner. It makes me look more awake and opens up my eyes. I frequently use a pencil liner but this kohl is soft and easy to apply- some what like many of my beloved eyeshadow sticks. The Pennylane brown shade offers a mix of chocolate and copper tones which looks stunning on the waterline or along the top lashes. The "always sharp" concept means the pencil is sharped in the lid when you put it on. I have no idea of the mechanics behind this but it's very impressive. This liner has become a firm favourite of mine and I think could turn out to be a real hero product.

The same "always sharp" pencil also comes in lip liner form. They are definitely next on my list to try! 

Smashbox can be purchased in Boots Royal Avenue and online.